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A look back at 2014

Well it's that time of year again... when I go back through my handy site and link off to the events that stick out as fun, interesting or just those which have provided some good [...]

My first week at work

Regular readers will know that my workplace moved premises this week. The story goes that the company I work for (we have about 20 staff; 2 in Brisbane, 1 in each the UK & USA [...]

Sammy & the short-shorts

I don't often remember dreams, but I did recall this one from Saturday night / Sunday morning. Basically we were due to meet Sam & Mark for breakfast at the hotel's restaurant [...]

Jake, Ryno & The Smiley Lady

As usual I don't remember too much about last nights dream - what I do remember is a train ride... a really long train ride! I think we were on a train from Melbourne to Sydney or [...]