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A look back at 2011

January 2011 I purchased a new couch! Wow, has it been a year already? You can see it here and here. I made a Raspberry Swirl Cake. I found a Bluetongue Lizard in my house [...]

Christmas already?!

So apparently Christmas is this weekend. What the?! Where did the year go? The last thing I remember is celebrating Australia Day, then I go back to work for a bit and apparently n[...]

Horsing around

I've always liked horses. Perhaps it's because, as a baby, I was given "Captain" - a stuffed toy horse with a music box inside; he sent me off to sleep probably thousands of times [...]

Almost back to normal

A few weeks back, I promised I'd blog more often. I was hoping to blog at least once a week, but then I remembered how hectic the end-of-year is for me. Pretty much from November u[...]

366 days later

About 366 days ago, I went to the Good Food & Wine Show at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. One of the tradeshow booths there was a place where you can get your[...]

Sick of being sick

Last Wednesday night, I developed what felt like a phlegmy cough - except without the phlegm. But it was the type of cough you'd normally get towards the end of a flu or something [...]

Flippin' Flattie

It's been forever since I've written an actual "Dear diary"-style blog post, so I thought I'd get off my behind and write one; albeit a short one to start off with. So... how ha[...]