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Australia Zoo

For my brother's 20th birthday, we decided to go visit Australia Zoo, as none of us (apart from myself) had ever been before. It was a great day - apart from the rain, but it di[...]

Camping at Cooloola

Cooloola (aka the "Great Sandy National Park), is a massive National Park area located north of Brisbane and is accessible from either the west via the Lake Cootharaba region (abou[...]


Sydney's a wonderful place... very fast paced, automated, structured - that's just some of the words I can think of to describe Sydney. Unlike Brisbane, train station ticketing is [...]

The Chi Lounge, Southbank

Back in the year 2002, there used to be this great cafe at Southbank Parklands (Grey Street) called The Chi Lounge. My brother used to work there, actually - it was great! Great[...]


It's October, and about 12 months ago I was in Sydney for a holiday... and now, in 2002, I've gone back again for more! After spending a week down south with Brandt, I've come b[...]

Brisbane CBD

Way back in 2002, I had to take some photos for a work-related project (from memory, it was to use as background for a multimedia CDROM or something like that). I decided to hea[...]


Well it's that time of year again. November! What's so good about November I hear you ask? Nothing - cause I haven't thought of a good reason yet. I'm off to Sydney this month too.[...]


In September 2000 (when 3 or 4 of us Virgo's all had our birthday's), a group of us with some of our friends decided to go to Dreamworld. Since i'm currently writing this in 2009 a[...]

Our old house

Pretty much every kid has some great memories of where they grrew up; and I'm no different. Our home in Greenbank was a lot of fun - 2 acres meant there was plenty of room for r[...]