2009 Roundup


With 2009 almost over (can you believe NYE is less than 3 days away?!?! Eep!), I thought I’d reflect back on what has been a pretty good year for me.


In January, I spent a few days recovering from a huge NYE party, seeing in 2009 with a bang and a half. Let’s just say there’s a video of me somewhere speaking rather incoherently whilst lying on the couch. I blame Dale for filming it, haha. We also went to Mt Glorious (see photos) on the 11th of January for a bushwalk, and met out good friends Edz & Sam up there for lunch later in the day. Other photo gallery from January include Sunday Funday and Surprise Chef.


In February, I went to one of those SIPL hair removal places for a consultation. It turned out the procedure was virtually pain-free (think lightly flicking a rubber band against the skin at close range), so I continued going. Having been going for about 11 months now (about 8 sessions; since they’re 5 – 6 weeks apart), I can say that it’s working! Granted it takes 12 – 18 months (depending on your hair type) to go to a hair-free state (and you will need booster treatments every 4 – 6 months after that), it’s working well.

At first, I didn’t think so – but then I looked at a photo of my chest from 2008. WOW… it is definitely working then. LOL! So if you’ve wanted to do it but have been skeptical, take it from me that it works. Just be prepared to go the full 12 – 18 months and never miss a session, or you’re just wasting your money and it won’t work for you. But, I digress…

I also went to the dentist in February – for the first time in 12 years! Wow… naughty. I needed something like 8 fillings, but that dentist didn’t offer ‘sedaton services’, so I went to one that my friend recommended to me and he’s much better. Only 3 fillings from memory. The rest can wait, he said – just keep flossing and see how they go. I’m actually heading back there in a week or so for another check-up.

Also in February, I started to do some cardio work with my close friend Johnny. I’d go riding and he’d go jogging at the local park. We only did it for a month or two because then it started getting dark too early, with the onset of winter and all, LOL. Oh well.

If you’re into the photo thing, check out the following galleries from February: Springbrook National Park, Mt Glorious (again) and a Pizza & Games night.


In March, I really got into bike riding. I would often ride for between 10 – 25km from home to the Valley, around Southbank, West End and over to Toowong. I’m going to start it again around March 2010 when it gets cooler, because it was good fun! My boy & I also visited Sydney for the day to go and see the Star Wars exhibition. It was worth every cent! I’m also glad we went during the week, because I think it was just us and 10 other people. W00t! You can read up about it here or see the photos here.

Our group of friends also did a Melbourne Trip together – 8 of us went, and it was awesome. The highlight of my trip was seeing Wicked. I can’t wait for it to come to Brisbane in 2010. Yes, Wicked is coming to Brisbane in 2010 (I have a reliable source). Oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that – it’s still a secret. Mum also got married and, additionally, Iain & Joel, Dale & I and Paul & Wanda climbed Mt Warning on a cold wet day. It was good though, because hot days suck. Photo galleries from March 2009 include Melbourne, Mum’s Wedding and Mt Warning.


April was fairly quiet… although we did go to Sunday Funday! I also bought a new HD projector after my simple little Epson one died. I don’t think I could ever go back to a TV after using a HD projector. We have a 4 meter screen downstairs now, LOL. Playing games on it is awesome; as are blu-ray movies :D.


In May, I went on a little road-trip with my BF. He decided I could tag along with him for the day (he was working; doing a Sunshine Coast run). It was lots of fun actually; considering it was work and all. We also had some good rain in May, with my umbrella losing its structural integrity. I also did a few more bike rides this month, and worked out that I would be 10,000 days old in January 2010. Photo galleries from May include Jake’s 21st Birthday Party and the aforementioned road-trip with my BF.


In June, I reached a bit of a milestone in my blog – the 500th post. You can read it here… but keep in mind that a lot of the links don’t work anymore, because I switched to a new blogging platform (Feeling nostalgic? Check out the history of my site here). I also spent much of June looking into replacement DJ CD players; since my other one died (it did well for 6 years tho!). To date, I still haven’t bought a replacement – damn hey? I guess I’m trying to save instead of spending almost $3000 on one. But you can listen to some of my older DJ mixes here.


July was again fairly quiet on the website front. I think by this stage I was getting so sick of my old blogging system that it became too much trouble to post – so I didn’t. That said, I did put up some photos from another Surprise Chef night, and also the Kondalilla Falls walk.


In August, things really got exciting. In fact, as you can see here, it became super busy on the website. I was on 3 weeks annual leave and decided to upgrade my website to a new blogging system. As you can see, it’s pretty good (if I do say so myself). Well, it’s certainly better than the last one, haha. Database? What database?!? 😛 I’d been putting off the move for sooo long, but I guess I had lots of free time, so I made the most of it. That said, it took about 5 weeks to manually “copy & paste” 500+ blog entries over to the new system. I’m so glad it’s done though. I should really go through each post and fix broken links, but I don’t think I can be bothered. My inner-Virgo is telling me to, though :P. “It is not neat, clean or structured if there are broken links, Andy”, it says. Haha. If my friend Edz is reading this, I bet he’s laughing right now :P.

I was also getting into my fitness a lot more and blogging about a few different things like how to stay motivated and the importance of keeping your form.

Other events include Joel & Ryan celebrating their birthdays, regular Sunday-arvo walks with my boy (see photos) and a look at one of the most rip-off iPod speakers ever. Other photo galleries from August include a MYO pizza night, Grill’d at Chermside, a lizard at home, a nice sunset on the drive home from the Gold Coast, a big Gold Coast weekend, a BBQ at Jake’s parents’ apartment at Kingscliff and another trip to Springbrook National Park.


In September, we had a dust storm or two… and even my keyboard agreed. I also posted some more about fitness stuff and found an awesome scrambled egg recipe. Photo galleries from October include: another afternoon walk with my BF, some close-ups, Coffee & Cake at 3 Monkey’s Cafe in West End, more lizardness, building a new PC for my BF, my BF’s cat and an expensive “chocolate bar”.


In October, I began my Investment Journey, visited NZ (and the Gold Coast) for work and wrote an article on sexting. I also posted a bit of an update on my fitness journey to date, with comparative progress photos from 2007 and 2009 to compare the difference. I also reported on some of my favourite Internet Radio stations.


In November, I celebrated 3 years with my boyfriend! It is my longest relationship to date (yay!) and also my boyfriends. I also wrote the first “Dear Diary” post in yonks, reminissed about trips to the dump as a kid and bitched about dishes and the good old days.


Ah December… the busiest month of the year! What a month! We had Christmas, New Years (technically it’s still coming, since I’m writing this on the 29th of December 2009 :P), concert productions and a plethora of parties and dinners to attend with friends and family.

I also began seeing a Personal Trainer to help me make bigger and better gains in my fitness journey – so far, so good. Photo galleries from December include: Christmas and the 2009 series of Concert Productions that my company works for. December also saw that idiot Stephen Conroy put the wheels in motion for his lame internet filter; so I bitched about that too. And finally, I also started another Fitness Challenge – 4 weeks and 4x the intake. I guess I timed it well, with the personal training sessions and all. For the 4 weeks (which end today, coincidentally), I have been taking 4x my usual protein intake. I think I will keep it up, actually – as I have seen some great gains, coupled with a huge diet change (trying to stick to 2800 [or more] calories a day and 65 [or less] grams of fat per day). So far so good!


So now onto the other things in life… starting with work. My day-job is going well, although the salary is starting to get a little repetitive. I haven’t had a pay-rise in 2.5 years (neither has the boss, actually)… in fact, I’ve gone backwards, since I no longer have my “1 day off every 4 weeks” to run my own business. If I don’t get one this time round, I may look for something else. I need the income to be able to repay a home loan, and a home is what I intend to buy in 2010. Hopefully with my BF, but we all know he doesn’t like to commit yet, so hrm… we shall see where that goes & I will have to do some hard thinking about what must come first in life, when the time comes during the new year.

My own business is also going well. I had set out to achieve the goal of getting “over 15 new clients” in 2009 – and I think I ended up getting over 40. I have ‘upped that goal to getting 75 new personal clients in 2010. Actually, you can read about all of my “2010 New Year Resolutions” at the bottom of this page. One of these days I’ll work for myself – but not yet.


My relationship with Dale is going very well. Although as I grow older and look around me, it’s as if I am being left behind because everyone else in my age-group and in their relationships is buying a home with their partner and getting financially set – whereas I’m still renting and unable to afford a place on my own and have a partner that doesn’t seem ready to want to move in, let alone buy. I hope things change soon. But other than that, everything is going well and I’m really happy in my relationship :).

Family & Friendships

I / we have a great, close group of friends. Everyone their own character with their own little quirks, but as a group we get on like a house on fire. I couldn’t hope for anything different, or anything else. We eat together, drink together, play games together, go clubbing together and just generally hang out together. It’s a great group :).

In terms of family, things are great – with those I speak to. Unfortunately due to some issues, I don’t speak to my brother often. We will send each other TXT’s on birthday’s and other events like Christmas etc, but I haven’t seen him in a year or so. The funny thing is that I want to see him again, but it would have to be just him.

In terms of my father… well, I guess, being honest, I feel sorry for him. Granted he did cheat on my mum and then they got a divorce, but I think 8 or 9 or 10 or whatever years is a long time since having seen him last. I don’t know if he reads my blog and I don’t even know where he lives or what his number is – but I know where he works. We used to email each other, but not anymore. If he reads this, perhaps he can get in touch with me. I guess I just want to say hello and see what happens. I miss his crazy jokes and sense of humour.


Gym stuff is going well; the last 4 weeks especially. I’ve been wanting to gain mass so I can convert it into muscle and the last 4 weeks have been all about refining it and really pushing ahead. I started at about a weight of about 73kg and as of last night was up to 79kg already. All with eating good food, of course – not junk (it’s so much easier to gain weight if you just eat junk – but your body will hate you for it and your workouts will suck as a result).

It’s very hard work, but very rewarding at the same time. To walk out of the PT’s studio and not be able to lift your arms above tummy-height is such a good feeling . If you don’t believe that eating right and exercising can help you improve your physical fitness, then here’s that before (2007) & after (2009) photo again.


Overall, I am happy with my 2009. I say ‘my’, because I’m the only one who could have shaped it. If I wanted to be a slob, I could have. If I wanted to spend $5000 on something instead of investing it, I could have. But I didn’t. If there’s one thorn in my side that I should have focused more on, it would have been getting my drivers licence in 2009. Oh well –  2010 is the year. It better be! 😛

I just wanted to also take this opportunity to thank everyone I came into contact with in 2009. To my friends, family, workmates and especially my boyfriend – thanks for a fantastic year. I couldn’t have done it – and it wouldn’t have been as much fun – without you. So thank you… 🙂

Here’s to an awesome 2010!


So… now that you’ve read my ramble – what did you tihnk of 2009? Please leave me a reply below



  1. Thursday December 31, 2009  8:22 am by Joel Reply

    Wow - what a year! It's been a huge year for us all!

    Thankyou for being an excellent event organiser… otherwise we would have all had a far less eventful year.. lol

    Unfortunately we won’t be able to catch you NYE as we have family commitments, but look forward to catching up early in the year and hopefully at various other events throughout 2010! :) Here's to an awesome year ahead!


  2. Friday January 1, 2010  6:29 pm by Eddie Reply

    We had a great time, Joel, shame you guys couldn't be there. Otherwise, we could've learned some more new words, after "melk" and "cookling". Because of your absence, our vocabulary had suffered. :P

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