366 days later


About 366 days ago, I went to the Good Food & Wine Show at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. One of the tradeshow booths there was a place where you can get your posture checked out for free. I decided to do it, because I thought that I had pretty good posture. Part of the process was to stand on two scales – one foot on each – and basically they’d weigh each side of your body to check if it was pretty even.

To my (and the person doing the measuring!) amazement, my left side was 14kg heavier than my right side! This is not good. In fact, this is very bad. Can you imagine the stress on a spine that’s dealing with a 14kg imbalance? We’re meant to be almost-even on both sides! The person at the stand suggested that I see a chiropractor for some x-ray’s, which I did some weeks later. X-ray’s confirmed that my spine was, indeed, about as straight as cooked spaghetti and some serious adjustment was in order to prevent severe problems later in life.

Since then, I’ve visited my lovely local chiropractor probably 120 times (thankfully private health insurance covers 50% of the costs – up to a point), so I was eager to see if the results had changed. To my relief, the same posture-people had returned to this year’s Good Food & Wine Show… so as soon as I saw them, I jumped on & waited for the scales to balance. The difference between my left and right sides was only 2kg – considered in the “safe” range. Yay!

So there we have it… chiro actually works! 🙂

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