A relaxing weekend with a decent sleep-in

I haven’t written an actual blog in yonks; it’s usually just photos direct from the phone and what-not… so, since I’ve got a few minutes spare, I thought I’d write one for a change 🙂


Friday night was pretty good… Flipp & I ordered pizza since we were both hungry yet tipsy; I tried their new Chicken Tikka pizza, which was really nice… they’ve got a few yummy-sounding (and looking) ones on the menu, so I’ll no doubt try them slowly over the next few months… don’t want to have too many cheat days with my diet, haha. Dalebot arrived after work (he was working the late shift again) and we had a relaxing night.

Saturday morning, my usual body-clock kicked in and woke me up at around 5:45am… it was obvious that I wasn’t going back to sleep, so after reading news & tweets on my phone I decided to get up and do a bit of work downstairs. Dalebot woke half an hour later, so we had coffee & breaky (as did panda :P), then Flippiy & I headed down to the local gym. It’s always fun when you’ve got someone to go with; I’m glad my flatmate’s a fitty too! 🙂

Saturday noon rolled around and the boi & I did our usual shopping thing… first to Hawthorne Garage then over to Coles; I think we’ve finally figured out that 12:30pm is when the local Coles isn’t packed on weekends, so that’s good! Otherwise it’s usually always so busy and full there, which is annoying. We also visited the bottle-shop to grab some wine, etc for the evening. Lunch was a delicious concoction I’d made… part of my diet, but I decided to mix all of the ingredients together to make a pasta-type thing, which was really, really nice.

Saturday afternoon was spent setting up some more shelving in the garage, then sorting and cleaning the garage a bit more… it looks great now – and I think you could pretty much fit two cars in there now too! The afternoon was spent mucking around with my confetti cannons – testing them, sorting out the confetti bundles and so on; sadly one is faulty, so I’ve sent it off for repair. Saturday night was quiet and relaxing… a few drinkies with the boy while watching Serenity; one of my favourites.


Sunday rolled around and I’m pleased to say that I actually slept in! We both did! …first sleep-in in months, I reckon. And by sleep-in, I mean until around 8:30am… which is pretty good for us early-birds. I was one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time… and even now as I write this on Sunday evening, I’m still feeling pretty refreshed. I wish I had sleeps like that more often!

After breakie, the boy and I went to the local Farmers Markets; he bought some Dry Wors (a type of South African beef jerky) and I bought some fresh turkey steaks. After that, I had morning tea, went to the gym again with Flippiy, then watched as he ripped up the carpet in the room and then painted on some special floor sealant stuff. Once the carpet was all gone and thrown over the balcony, we decided to do a dump run (yay, dump!!) and dump it, along with some other crap we had lying around.

And there we have it… a nice relaxing weekend – first one in as long as I can remember! Have a great week. 🙂


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