Almost back to normal


A few weeks back, I promised I’d blog more often. I was hoping to blog at least once a week, but then I remembered how hectic the end-of-year is for me. Pretty much from November until January is a write-off, with virtually every weekend booked out by clients for either audio-mixing work (for end-of-year productions) and then most weeknights compiling MiniDisc’s of music, CD’s as backups and DVD’s with video projections (which my friend Ryan runs at the shows).

To make matters even worse more hectic, my business has suddenly become popular with those wishing to convert video tapes to DVD. The other day I checked the mail to find 3 packages – with a total of just under 30 video tapes to convert. The fortnight before, I’d been sent about 50 – some of which needed editing. But I’m not complaining, because I am trying to grow my business – so it’s expected. I guess I just didn’t expect it all in the last two months of the year (which are already inherently very busy). But like I said – not complaining.


In terms of being sick, I’m pretty much back to normal now. The stubborn cough is still hanging around (four weeks and counting!), but I’m finally back at the gym, after a four-week hiatus. My first workout was a very light, easy, slow one… and I’ve slowly been ramping it up from there. I also attend personal training once a week with my flatmate Flippy, and Thursday night was my first session in a month… wow. My arms have never been so sore, haha. But I love it, so all good!

Speaking of gym stuff, I’m currently on a massive gain diet, so I’m having to eat over 3,400 calories (that’s over 14,280 kilojoules) and 240 grams of protein per day… I’ve never felt so full before! Because of the huge amount, it means having lots of smaller meals so that I can fit it all in – for example, 6 – 8 meals a day. While it’s easy to get 3,400 calories by eating 3 hamburgers from McDonald’s, they have to be quality calories… as in, keep the fat down. After all, I want to get big – not fat. After the mass gain diet, my PT & I will spend a few months working on shredding it up and cutting into it. I realise I’ll lose some of my definition for a while, but I’m happy with that given the end result.

Pending a pay-rise (which my boss is currently working on [with his boss]), Flippy and I have decided to do PT twice a week, from early 2012 onwards so that we can try and achieve our individual goals a little quicker. Given we both share the same personal trainer, it works out a bit cheaper than my going twice a week on my own – which I definitely won’t be able to afford, so it’s great having a flatmate who is similarly minded in terms of eating & being healthy, interested in fitness, etc.

Apart from that, all else is going well! Hopefully I’ll post again in a few days time. 😛

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