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It’s been forever since I’ve written an actual “Dear diary”-style blog post, so I thought I’d get off my behind and write one; albeit a short one to start off with.

So… how have things been? Very good! Despite my whinging, work is actually pretty good at the moment (things have improved from their lowest of low-points where I was literally seconds from quitting a few weeks ago) – but it would still be nice to get a pay-rise. Most of my friends get, at the very minimum, CPI increases – but here I am, yet to get an increase in the last 3 years – of any kind… so I’ll be raising that soon with the bosses to see if it’s worth staying on or not… but apart from that, work has been pretty good these last few days.

My flatmate Josh (whom I worked with) moved out about a month ago, because he lost his job. After a few weeks of looking around & emailing clients, he couldn’t find anything suitable in Brisbane – but he ended up getting a much-better-paying job in Newcastle… so much so, that it was worth the move for him, so away he went, packed up his things and started a new job & a new life (virtually :P) in Newcastle. But good on him though – he is much happier & gets paid more, so all good. We still keep in touch, so that’s great too.


Luckily, it was fairly quick and painless to find a replacement flatmate. Some friends & I went to a cafe in New Farm and, as we were leaving, I casually mentioned that I was looking for a flatmate and if anyone knew anyone, could they pass on my details. One of the guys from our group expressed an interest, but was stuck in his existing lease until January or so. However, it wasn’t until the next day, that his boyfriend (who was also at lunch) TXT’d me and expressed an interest in moving in. A week later, he moved in (the same day that Josh moved out, actually), so that worked out really well!

He’s a great guy too – clean, quiet, comes & has a chat, like fitness / cycling / nature / Android (:P) etc. Some of my readers will know him as Flippy on Twitter. It’s also good that both my BF & I both know his BF too – so it’s like a little group of gays that all get along rather well.  A “glitter” of gays, if you will. 😛 So that’s always nice – unlike one of my previous flatmates who had the social skills of a doorknob.


Speaking of BF’s, things with Dale have been very well, as usual. He got me Forza 4 (car racing, on Xbox) for my birthday, which I’m absolutely loving so far (and playing a lot of). It’s always so nice to come home after a day at the office and he’ll be there a few times a week with a big grin on his face, put down the Xbox controller and come over to give me a big kiss ‘n cuddle <3 hehe. Cutie ^_^.

We also went clubbing with our friends Edz & Sam the other night, which was awesome! It was my first club outing in about a year (I’d been over the whole clubbing thing for a bit), but it was so nice to go back for a few dances & drinkies with friends. I’ve missed it, and am looking forward to the next one already!


Speaking of friends, we also caught up with some of the boys on Sunday and headed up to Mt Tamborine for a spot of lunch at Spice of Life Deli / Cafe, plus a bit of general sightseeing. I love it up there – oh, and the custard tarts at the bakery are fantastic (this is actually the reason we went :P). Haha!

In other news, gym and fitness stuff is still going strong (haha – pun!)… I’m still going to the gym (& recording the logs) 3 or 4 times a week, including a session with my flatmate at the local personal trainer. After being a bit unsure of what I want to achieve, I finally settled on a goal and will work towards it – currently it’s getting to about 85kg or so and seeing what happens! I’ll keep you posted.


So yeah – that’s my update for now! In a nutshell: Work = good, New flatmate = great, BF = awesome & hopefully I’ll get time to do this more often, because I’ve rather missed writing “dear diary”-style posts on here, so hopefully there’s be more where this came from in due course. Until next time, have a good evening!

– Panda.

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