Holidays (D1 – D3)

Day 1 of my holidays was spent doing the usual Saturday thing – completing a bunch of work for my company, cleaning the house (including a fairly big clean in the bathroom – as in, emptying all of the drawers and cleaning them ’cause they haid hair and dust and dirt and misc. crap in them) and the usual dinner & games thing in the evening with the crew. Actually, it was an MYO pizza night; you can check out the photos here.

Day 2 was spent sleeping in (well, 7am for me, 9am for my boy :P) and enjoying some fresh fruit & vegetable juice that I’d created in my Sunbeam JE8900 Cafe Series Juice Extractor. My flatmate called us outside at around 10 for an interesting find.

At noon, we headed out to Westfield Chermside for a spot of shopping. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and Dale bought some funky blue wiper blades for his car. Then we met the usual gang for lunch at Grill’d… which was actually quite nice, despite the doughy, vague and inept little shits that they hire as staff (Dale’s words :P). Can they get anything right? We think not. We had a look around at Gametraders, JB and EB for the first Fallout 3 add-on pack / kit thingy, but only Gametraders had it. That said, they only had it before lunch – when we returned after lunch,  their one-and-only copy had been sold 😛 Doh!

Just prior to sunset, we went for another walk around the local streets (a bit like this one) which was fun – a good chat and a bit of exercise. We watched a few Mythbusters Season 7 episodes and he went home around 9 🙂

Day 3, Monday, was my first ‘real’ day of holidays. I pumped out a few quotes for customers, did a little bit of work on the to-do list and finished off a tough workout at the gym. The bulk of the day, however, was spent on this site – re-adding the final of many photo galleries (this site has over 3,300 images on it at the time of writing :P). So yeah… that’s about it really =)

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