Holidays (D4)

Day 4 of my holidays was spent measuring my home-office area & researching replacement home gym’s. While my current home gym is great and has no problems, I’d like something a little smaller and something with a different selection of exercises that suits the small amount of space I have. So whilst I’m selling my home gym and FID (Flat / Incline / Decline) bench, the new system has a built-in bench that’s also removable, so I can put it away when clients come over or when I need more space.

Around lunchtime, I played another campaign on Red Alert 3, which is a great game. It runs really well on this 1-month old computer, too – the graphics are amazing (and the graphics cards in this machine must also be amazing, heh)… so it’s a fun game to play from that point of view too. I also migrated a few more old blog posts from 2005 and did a workout at the gym.

My boy came round after work for a dinner, games and a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager – all in all, a good, relaxing day. 🙂

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