Holidays (D8 & D9)

Day 8 of my holidays, Saturday, consisted of the usual Saturday tasks – a bit of housework, some company work, and more tinkering with this website (I’m still in the process of migrating 500 or so old blog posts into this new site’s database system). In the evening, my boy came over and the usual game (8 of us, to be exact) all headed over to Taringa to the lovely Sizzling Mongolian BBQ\

I’d been there a few times in the past with my first flatmate (Ross Dungavell) and a really old group of friends (this is probably going on 6 or 7 years ago)… so it was nice to go again with my mates and see that it hasn’t changed a bit – which is nice (well, maybe the price – but for an all-you-eat sizzling Mongolian BBQ buffer where you pick your own meat, vegies and sauces, it was very much worth the $22.50 we paid). No doubt someone from our group will review is on our sister site,, soon – so be sure to keep an eye out 🙂

Eddy took a bit of a tumble unfortunately and spent most of the evening bleeding out of his hands, but I think he was alright in the end. The amount of spring rolls our group consumed was quite amazing… and when I say our group, I mean Sam – hehehe 😛 But I digress… again, I think we’re all glad it was an “all you can eat” joint.

After dinner, which lasted about 2 hours, we stayed on for a “Chocolate hot-pot” – a bit pot of melted chocolate that we could all dip a selection of marshmallow’s and diced fruit into – it was delish! Afterwards, everyone headed over to our place to play some games on the Xbox.

Day 9, Sunday, involved a bit of a sleep-in on my behalf (and even more of one for my boy, who woke up at about 10, hehe). My boy played a bit of Fallout 3 while I took my home gym apart (it’s currently for sale on eBay; got about 2 hours to go until the auction ends). In the afternoon, our friend Kerri came round for a BBQ which Ryno cooked up really well (as per usual).

My boy went home earlier than usual, at around 3pm, and I spent the remainder of the evening manually migrating another 100 or so blog posts from 2005 and 2006 (I’ve finished both of those years now; yay! :D)… only 2007 and 2008 to go! Currently, I’m cooking dinner and blogging this from the kitchen bench as I wait for my herb & garlic rissoles to finish cooking.

Until next time…

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