Low-gluten & Low-dairy Diet Update


It’s been about a month since I decided to go on a low-gluten & low-dairy diet, so I thought I’d provide an update. While I’ve certainly cut back on a lot of the gluten & dairy foods I used to eat, there are a few items in these categories that I still eat; for example…

  • Grated cheese / cheese on sandwiches, etc
  • Protein shakes (these contain some gluten)
  • Bread (but I’ve moved to a less-glutenous type of flour)

For everything else, however, I’ve made some switches…

  • Regular pasta replaced with buckwheat pasta
  • Regular snacks / cakes replaced with gluten free muffins, cakes & muesli bars
  • Regular breakfast cereals replaced with gluten-free options (which I’ve found are tastier & contain far less sugar anyway)
  • Cow’s milk (which is meant  for baby cows…) replaced with rice milk
  • Regular bread has been replaced with a lower-gluten spelt flour (eg. a delicious wholemeal spelt flour pumpkin seed bread)

So how has it turned out? Well apart from costing a bit more, it’s turned out really, really well. I feel more energetic, less sluggish in the morning, I sleep better (except for last night) and don’t seem to be getting sick (touch wood!). In fact, I haven’t had a sickness in …almost a year, I think? Granted I’ve had a bit of a scalp problem in the past (now fixed; it started the whole gluten free diet anyway) & have had days where I “don’t feel 100%”, I certainly haven’t had one of those “I’m soooo sick I’m stuck in bed”-type sicknesses in quite some time (although I would probably put that down to a combination of chiropractic care, a better diet & being proactive with a few powerful vitamins when in proximity to sick people at work or on the bus, etc).

When you look back at our history (as in, the caveman / cavewoman days), humans only ever ate meat & berries. I’m sure the highly processed junk that some people feed their kids today is precisely what’s turning our society into an obese one – and not necessarily junk food, but even highly refined sugars and wheat products like those “ultra white” breads. And while just one month of low-diary & low-gluten isn’t going to yield too many magical results, I am certainly impressed with what I have experienced so far. For me, it was mainly done by choice but for my partner, it was more of a necessity as diary and gluten was making him constantly feel ill all the time – so about 2 weeks after switching, he feels great.

Like I said, it’s had a really positive effect on me, so I’ll keep it up for now & update you again in a few months time. Feel free to give it a try for a week or two and see what you think!

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