My first week at work


Regular readers will know that my workplace moved premises this week. The story goes that the company I work for (we have about 20 staff; 2 in Brisbane, 1 in each the UK & USA and the rest in New Zealand) was recently purchased by a larger company. This week, my colleague and I (i.e. the two staff in Brisbane) moved into the offices of the new parent company.

After seeing the office a few weeks ago, I was a little apprehensive about it… after all, I’d gone from a small office of 2 people to one that takes up an entire top floor of an office building; a company with over 130 staff in Australia & New Zealand. My workspace was changing too; I used to have my own office, now I’m kind-of on one end of a bench of a very open plan office. But, after being there for 4 days, I really, really like it.

I’m not sure whether it’s the excitement of working for a company with lots of money & resources to throw at making our product & company so much better, or the fact that the new office is very modern & technologically advanced, or if it’s the many new people I’ve met (and have yet to meet) – or just the buzz and excitement of working in a such a busy office. There are teams of people everywhere chatting & working, the call-centre pods to my left where people are always on the phone… I think it’s the noise-level to be honest. It creates a kind-of buzz and excitement that I seem to really enjoy.


My role has changed quite a bit, too – and I’m really enjoying the challenges it brings. In the past, I’ve essentially only had to come up with marketing ideas to present to my fellow Team Leaders for review. Most of the time they’ve been knocked back or trimmed-down due to spending constraints, so the process has stopped there. Now, however, I’m in charge of budgets and entire marketing plans.

From building the concept, to pricing it, to organising it – even right down to the level of writing the marketing content (i.e. email communications, AdWords campaigns, tradeshows & conferences, etc)… and it’s at such a detailed level that I relish. Having complete say and control over it helps, too – I can execute a plan to such a fine detail that everything’s so precise and organised. Perfect for a Virgo like me – we relish organisation, preciseness and detail. I even get to track stats at great detail (and y’all know how much I love that!).


My boss is great too – fun to work with, a joy to bounce ideas and concepts off – and, best of all, he’s a wealth of knowledge and helps me when needed. I think he realises that, after chatting to the old owners about everyone’s skillset, some of what I’m doing now is new to me so he’s been a fantastic guide for some of the newer things he’s got me working on. The structure of the company is finely-tuned, too – we have 1-on-1’s every week, catch-up meetings and short pow-wow’s every few days. Things are so organised, planned and regular.

It’s also good to hear [the parent company’s] Sales Manager talk with such gusto and passion about future plans. As a small, growing company, the past has always been a case of some of us saying “Let’s do this…”, only to be told that we don’t have the resources. It’s completely flipped from this, to comments like “Well, if we need to hire 5 new people to get that out the door, then we’ll just do it. No problem.” – a very different mindset, but it’s one that could have only ever come from being acquired by a larger company. In other words, I’m saying that our past issues were never the fault of old owners or old management – it is an inherent issue that exists with ALL small companies… my own included.


Speaking of, it’s quite sad not to be in regular contact with the previous CEO and the previous Owner as often as I was, but I always know that, in the back of my mind, they’re the ones that got me to where I am today, so I’m very appreciative and thankful for that. They put a lot of faith and trust in me – after all, I first started there in 2005 as a simple entry-level technical support pleb and I’ve grown into a role where I handle large marketing budgets and design projects all on my own. They were – and still are – such fantastic people; some of the best, friendliest and most intelligent people I have ever worked with.

So while this week felt like the first day at a new school for both my colleague and I – AND if you’d had asked me 3 weeks ago if I was about to quit my job (to which my reply would have been ‘yes’), I – much like the new version of the company that I work for today – have taken part in an amazing transformation & change for the better.



  1. Sunday June 15, 2014  1:24 pm by Christa Reply

    I am so proud of you. Well done. :-)

    • Friday June 20, 2014  7:19 am by Panda Reply

      Thank you :-)

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