Number 128

Top o’ the evening to you! *tips top hat, adjusts monocle & checks time on pocket-watch with gold chain*. Today’s blog title comes from busses. Yes, that’s right… busses! You may have seen that, on the new busses (w/orange LED signboards), there’s some writing on the back (outside) that says “Number X of 500 new busses for Brisbane” (or words to that effect). Over the past few weeks, while waiting for my bus in the afternoons, I’ve been on a mission to find the highest number – to see what bus they’re up to (if, in fact, it’s an ordered system – and if they’re not repeating or randomising numbers as a publicity thing). The highest I’ve seen so far, is bus number 128. Have you seen higher? …or do you have better things to do with your time whilst waiting for a bus?

In other news, I had a lovely long weekend. On Friday night, I stayed at mum & my stepdad’s place for dinner – which was very yummy! Then on Saturday morning we went to a place out west to setup for my brother-in-law’s wedding (I was DJing and doing the audio for it). I’ll post some pics once mum sends them to me – but it was a fun night – we didn’t get home till around 1am 😛 Then on Sunday I did a bit of work around the house (like weeding the garden, as there’s a property inspection here later this week… *wonders when flatmates will do their bit and weed the side of the house*, LOL) whilst my boy played his space game.

That afternoon, our good friend Wes came round and we had a few quick drinks while he showed us some of the photos and videos from his work (he works on a cruise ship as a lighting technician for the ship’s on-board 900-seat performance theatre :D). At around 6pm, the three of us caught a cab into the Valley for Sunday Funday at The Beat… which was really, really good fun. I danced a lot and had a few drinkies… and quite a few friends came along too, like Kerri, Edz & Sam, Bashie, Benny and some other person who always hangs around when we’re there (but I’ve no idea who he is :P).

We got home around 1am and made grilled cheese sandwiches before heading to bed after about an hour of I-can’t-say-what-because-mum-reads-this-and-so-does-my-boss-actually 😛 The next morning we woke at about 10 or 11 or something, and did virtually nothing all day apart from drink lots of water and play on the Xbox 😛 LOL. It was a relaxing & uneventful day, to say the least.

That’s all from me today – have a lovely rest-of-week, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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