Ribs, weights, plates & HDD’s

Evening all! I haven’t done a dear-diary blog in a while, so here goes. This week at work and the weekend just gone was pretty good. During the week at work, I finalised the company’s new website and launched it on one of our many domains on Friday morning.

Then, at lunchtime, one of our suppliers (he’s good friends with the boss and everyone at work) came ’round and brought with him 8kg of ribs! Long story, but he had once said that he makes excellent ribs… anyway, the boss decided to put him to the test, so we each paid $10 (to cover his costs) and he brought them in to work on Friday arvo and we finished them off on the BBQ.

I am on a bit of a planned diet with my fitness and all, so I didn’t have any (I opted for some pumpkin and bocconcini risotto from the local cafe instead)… but I hear the ribs were great. My boss’s wife also came down for lunch – with their 3 kids (since they were on school holidays), so it was a fun-filled afternoon of colouring-in, eating ribs from the BBQ outside, playing with a centipede toy and doing a bit of work now and then, LOL. Fun times… 🙂

Friday after work consisted of lots of kisses for the BF (I hadn’t seen him in 2 weeks!) and a trip to the grocery store for some much needed groceries & meat. We watched Top Gear (S15E02) and had a nice dinner. On Saturday I caught up with work after having suffered multiple HDD failures and computer issues over the past week-and-a-bit (YaY for RAID and free replacement under warranty :P). Let’s just say that I’ll never buy another Seagate HDD again – out of the 6 drive that have died on me over the past 7 months, 5 of them were Seagate’s! CRAP I tell ya. But, I digress.

I cleaned the bathroom and got a gym session in, too. I decided to try a new pre-workout NO supplement (a free sample I was given from the owner at my local protein place / gym / PT), but it wasn’t any good actually. Well – I mean to say that it tasted great – for once, it actually tasted like the flavour written on the pack (‘Cola’), but it just had no effect on me. But I guess that’s what free samples are for 😀

On Saturday night, my boy came over and we had a quite night playing games on the Xbox (well, he plays & I watch :D), watching some Star Trek DS9 and then heading to bed at around 2300 hours. Roly-poly ensued and we eventually got to bed around 0030 hours 😛 Fun times! =)

Today (Sunday), we slept in and had a nice brekky together. At around 1100 hours we headed in to Carindale to grab a new teflon cooking pan (Tefal – normally $70 but reduced right down thanks to the 40% off sale and then an extra 15% off thanks to my BF’s magical-card-of-wonders :D) … needless to say it was a good deal. I also bought a new baking tray.

Finally, we headed to the fitness place outside and I picked up some new weight plates. When I say “picked up”, I meant “picked up, eventually” haha… ok, they’re weren’t too bad – only 20kg each 😛 At $3 a kilo, it set me back $120 – but they should go a long way in my home gym. It’s just that I was running out of weight plates (am benching about 80kg’s & shrugging almost 90kg’s these days) and got sick of changing them around all of the time between dumbbells and barbells, so the extra 40kg’s over 2 plates should help that a lot!

We headed home after a coffee and a stop in at JB and EB for some window shopping, had lunch, played some more games and went for an 8km bike ride as the sun was setting.

Well, that’s about all from me for now. It’s been a lovely weekend with the boy – he’s sitting next to me playing ME2 (for the 3rd time :P) and I’m about to go and cook us some din dins. Tomorrow it’s back to work, but I’m looking forward to it actually – more webdev stuff (my favourite!) in migrating more websites across to the new company look & feel.

Until next time – be good! 🙂

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