Sick of being sick


Last Wednesday night, I developed what felt like a phlegmy cough – except without the phlegm. But it was the type of cough you’d normally get towards the end of a flu or something like that. Anyway, I didn’t think too much of it but took some Garlic & Horseradish tablets just in case. Sadly, I didn’t realise that the one’s I’d bought were actually not the triple-strength ones but, instead, the single/normal strength ones.

Anyway, the next (Thursday) morning as I got to work I started to feel a bit headachy and by lunchtime let my boss know I was going to head home because it had become worse. That afternoon, it was like someone flipped a switch because the fever & headache combination was terrible. Shivering like crazy, coughing, a freezing-cold body but with a boiling head. Not good 🙁

Luckily my lovely BF decided to come over after work and he cooked me dinner. Naww, so sweet ^_^. He can cook – it’s just that he doesn’t like to… so it was very nice for him to make us something for dinner. He made his specialty; “Apricot chicken” with rice that – OMG – wasn’t made in a rice cooker?!?!!??!? (inside joke :P)… needless to say it was absolutely delicious.


Friday I stayed home & tried to sleep some more, as most of the previous night was spent doing anything but sleeping, thanks to my heart drumming along at 30 miles an hour & making a right ‘old racket inside my head. I think I slept for all of about 10 minutes, but eventually got an hour or two back during the day. My BF returned, bless him, to eat leftovers with me. Hehe…

Friday night was much the same – hardly any sleep, fevers, shivering-cold yet boiling at the same time, etc, etc. I basically spent all of Saturday in bed watching Dr Who & QI, and not really doing much else. Saturday night came around and I had a few sausages and vegies while my BF attended a friends BBQ. I was told of the presence of BORG-brand desserts, but apparently the box didn’t actually contain said desserts. Needless to say, I would have assimilated said friend if I were there for using such a ruse! 😛


Saturday night I managed to get a few hour-long blocks of sleep, which was fantastic (for me), but I reckon I woke the BF a few times with my coughing each time I moved. It’s weird – it seems fine if you sit still, but once I move it starts off again. Ah wells, such is life. Sunday we did… well, very little. My BF finished his game! (Deus Ex). I also went to the doctor in the afternoon… I tell you what, it’s hard to find a 7-day medical centre in Brisbane! Of the 6 that I managed to find dotted around the place all over Brisbane, only 1 had a spot free, which was the one in Taringa (near Indoroopilly).

The doctor was lovely, though. She told me to stay home & rest and take two days off work because I’m “still contagious”. I grabbed some antibiotics from the chemist that she’d prescribed me and away we went. All in all the whole thing took just a few mins, so compliments to the staff there – a well run medical centre.


Sunday night I got my first proper sleep – I think I slept for a 4 hour block at one stage, which was much-needed. I also woke up covered in sweat a few times, but you get that when you’re sick. Today – being Monday – I basically stayed home and did a bit of work for my boss, watched a few videos, cleaned the house a but and spent most of the day in bed either sleeping, trying to, or just recovering. Oh – and taking the plethora of daily tablets (24 of them!), all with their own special timings and “don’t take X with Y, but you can take X with K” etc. Confusing!

Thankfully (fingers crossed!), today was actually the first day that I’ve felt things get better, as opposed to no changes at all (which have been the last few days). I’ve been sick with the flu before, but this one’s the worst I’ve ever had – it hit me like a train and came on so suddenly. Normally these things build up, but this one was like someone flipping a switch! You don’t want this, trust me – so if you feel something coming, act fast and dose-up on vitamin C, olive leaf extract and triple-strength (aka Nature’s Own brand) Garlic & Horseradish tablets. Hopefully I continue to improve… time will tell. 🙂

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