Sydney, Katoomba & Canberra Holiday (Day 2)

Our second day in Sydney involved waking up fairly early – well, for me at least. I originally woke at around 6am and eventually got back to sleep around 7, only to wake at about 8am again. Oh well… it was enough sleep; just not as much as I’d wanted. No biggie, though.

At around 9am, we met Sammy & Mark downstairs in the hotel restaurant for lunch. They make quite good coffee (hard to find!) and unlike most places, when you ask for gluten free bread to replace normal bread, they actually do it without a fuss – AND, instead of giving you one small slice of GF bread, they gave us three slices… each! 😀

After that we got ready for our day and ventured up the road to catch the 333 bus to Bondi. The ride to Bondi was quite pleasant and we where surprised to find out that the Sydney ticket system is actually the old Brisbane ticket system. I’m a Bird I’m a Bird I’m a Bird I’m a Bird… that last bit there was my BF 😛 So yeah – it’s funny how Brisbane’s OLD ticketing system was sold to “Australia’s leading city” (Sydney), LOL!

Anyway – the bus ride was enjoyable and fun and when we arrived, we did a bit of window shopping, headed down to the beach-front cafe’s for a spot of lunch (the food on offer wasn’t very nice) and then down to the beach to get our feet wet. Sammy also took some nice photos of the headlands and so forth.

After lunch, we stopped in at an ice cream place before doing some more window shopping and heading back to the city on the bus. To be honest, I think most of us were a bit disappointed with Bondi… for all the publicity it gets, it’s actually a very small beach with average cafe & food offerings. Manly is so much better. But I digress.

After a short break in the hotel rooms, we caught a taxi to Circular Quay and had an early (5:30pm) dinner at City Extra – a place with newspapers for menus & a big selection of foods on offer. The meals came out quickly and we were served by a lovely German waitress. Well, I assumed she was German because she had a very strong accent and when she handed me my meal, I said “dankesheun” (spelling – anyway, “Thank you” in German) and she said “How did you know I was German?”… hehe. Reminded me of the strong accent my mum used to have 😉

After dinner, we walked over to Cadman’s Cottage for the Sydney Ghost Tour (Northside tour) – which was really great! Much, much better than the overcrowded Melbourne ghost tour. It went for about 2 hours and our tour guide James was great. Lots of things to see and chilling stories to tell. I also took a few photos (but not as many as Sammy :P) and I’ll post them upon my return to Brisbane.

After the ghost tour, we passed a Guylian Chocolate Cafe and decided to venture in for some delicious chocolate goodness… #fatwreck! 😛 Yum!

We returned to our hotel rooms at around 11pm and trundled off to bed. Until next time! 🙂


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