Sydney, Katoomba & Canberra Holiday (Day 3)

Today we managed to sleep in a little and woke up at around 10am before heading downstairs to the lovely hotel cafe for breakfast… again, good value and great tasting, as per the last two days.

At 11am, we met Sammy & Mark downstairs in the lobby and caught a taxi over to Circular Quay where we went jet-boating in the Sydney Harbour. Just like last time we did this, it was a lot of fun… albeit it wet (I’d forgotten how wet one gets :P).

It basically came down to the coverall I’d chosen from the rack – I chose one that was too small, and while I thought this was great at the time, it wasn’t when water splashed up into the boat and I got wet. While I was totally expecting to get wet, I didn’t realise that the short cover-all meant that my bum would get wet when the water came onto the seat, hehe. Oh well – all in good fun.

After that, we returned to the hotel by taxi to wash all the salt water off our faces (and to get changed out of our wet clothes :P), before heading back into the Westfield on Pitt Street to have lunch with Eddie, Samson + Sammy’s sis & her GF. And wow… the food court! I don’t know how to describe it other than that it’s amazing. The food optionsm the decor, the styling… everything is so upper-class & pretty, yet still reasonably priced. I think I had *the* nicest, most-fluffiest baked potato (topped with peri-peri chicken, sour cream & avocado) ever!

After lunch, we decided to get our #fatwreck on and have dessert… also from the same food court. This was followed by a stroll through the shops, the mall, the David Jones food hall, an arcade and then QVB. We also popped in to Dick Smith to buy a set of 2-way radios (A: because I need some more after 2 of my existing 4 went missing recently and B: because they’d come in handy for tomorrow’s road-trip).

After that, we headed back to the hotel for a quick shower before heading to a lovely dumpling place at World Square. The food was very reasonably priced and the restaurant staff were incredibly efficient – a Virgo’s heaven! 😛 Hehe. We also had dessert there; the taro ice cream is amazing, as are the Lychee & Lime mocktails. Yum!

After our dinner, Eddie & Samson left to go and watch Margaret Cho’s performance at the Sydney Opera House while Sammy, Mark, Dale & I headed to Darling Harbour for a leisurely walk before meeting up with Crystal & her GF at the Star City Casino. We played a pokie or two and watched a few others play the tables before heading back to our hotel at around 9pm.

I got ready for bed and watched music videos on TV with the BF before he headed out clubbing with Eddie & Samson. Apparently they went to Stonewall then The Midnight Shift and had fun! I wasn’t there, though – so I don’t have an opinion on how much fun it was. My BF came home at around 4am, so it must have been good. I would have liked to have gone, but it was a bit too late for me (Margaret Cho didn’t finish until 11:30pm, so by the time the three of them got to the clubs it was midnight). Maybe next time!


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