Sydney, Katoomba & Canberra Holiday (Day 6)

Today we awoke after a lovely sleep-in at The Carrington… well, I say lovely sleep-in because it was a lot quieter than Sydney with its’ 3-sirens an hour (hehe), but we did awake at 3am to a lady enjoying herself rather loudly. Whether that was a man/men (or a woman/women) involved, I’m not sure – but she was certainly interested in whatever it was that she was doing to herself, or what was being done to her.

Anyway… we awoke at 9am and met Sammy & Mark downstairs for the lovely Continental Breakfast. A Continental is usually a little stingey, but the one at The Carrington was very nice – a good selection.

After breakfast, we jumped in the car and drove to the Three Sisters Lookout to take photos and do a little exploring. We also did the short walk to the first of the three sisters, which was great – a really steep staircase, too. A little scary, but quite fun. I’m sure Sammy got some great photos, too (he has a nice lens on his camera, hehe).

We then drove to Scenicworld and did the Scenic Railway, the boardwalk through the forest, then the Scenic Skyway back up to the top… it was tonnes of fun, as usual! I’ve been there 4 or 5 times now (the first time was when I was about 7 – I’m sure mum remembers it!), but I always enjoy it -especially the steep (52 degrees!) train-ride down to the valley floor.

After Scenicworld, we headed to Blue Mountain Chocolate Company for their delicious “real hot chocolate”, which involves chocolate buttons, a glass of milk and a tea light… I got some lovely photos of it, including some others with chocolates in the foreground… yum! Everything there was delicious, hehe.

We then headed into town again for a bit of a final walk around before departing on our 3 – 4 hour drive to Canberra. We stopped once along the way to grab some food at a food court in some country town (forgot its name :P) and finally made it to Canberra at around 6pm. Dinner was at a local steakhouse… they had a good menu, but it was a little expensive given the quality of the steaks – but we were just soooo over Asian food (= all we’d been having the last few days :P) that we didn’t really mind.

We retired to bed at our friends’ place (Iain & Joel are kindly putting us up for 3 days) at around 11pm.


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