Sydney, Katoomba & Canberra Holiday (Day 7)

It’s Tuesday. We woke this morning at around 8am; to the sound of light rain falling on the roof. Luckily it stopped soon-after and we headed into “the city” (hehe) with Iain to meet Sammy & Mark for breakfast at a lovely cafe called “Cream”. The food was great, the prices reasonable and the coffee “very nice” (Dale’s exact words). The staff were also “very nice”… well, lets just say that they were obviously catering to the demographic of straight women and gay males (guys with shirts unbuttoned just a little too far; lucky they weren’t unattractive).

Following breakfast we headed back to our home (Iain & Joel’s place) to brush our teeth and what-not before driving out to Questacon (Canberra’s Science Center), which was fantastic! At one point Iain & I were wondering where Dale (my BF) had gone. We turned around to spot him riding around on the hover-chair thing… he looked like such a kid, hehe! So cute 🙂 (I have a video of me pushing it around which I’ll post upon my return).

Iain had to leave to pick up Joel (his BF) from the bus depot; Joel had just returned home from a 3-month trip to Europe!! It was great to see Joel again, and he met us for a late lunch (3pm :P) along with Iain, Sammy, Mark & Samson. Eddie sadly was feeling very ill and stayed home in his hotel room.

After that we got a bit of a tour of Canberra thanks to our hosts Iain & Joel, before heading to the shops in the city to grab some ingredients for dinner (the boys are hosting a dinner for all of us; I made Mexican Chicken Bake, Sammy + Samson + Mark a salad and Iain made an absolutely amazing dessert called “Lemon Bombes Alaska”.

It was a fun night; we made fools of ourselves playing Dance Central (I think that’s what it’s called) on Xbox Kinnect, plus drinking large amounts of wine* and having some great laughs. I think it’s fair to say that everyone really missed Iain & Joel… 🙂  (the * above is because I only had one glass of wine yet got really giggly on it, because it was my first ‘glass’ of alcohol since November 2010). We went to bed around midnight.


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