Sydney, Katoomba & Canberra Holiday (Day 8)

It’s Wednesday and the end of our week-long holiday… but what a fun holiday it was! We woke this morning at around 8:30am after a lovely night with friends and met up with the rest of the gang at a cafe called Tilley’s. It used to be a women’s-only place, but it’s now open for all – good food and great prices, too.

Following lunch, we drove to Parliament House and wandered around for a few hours exploring the various rooms and taking photos… quite an interesting place, even though I have no interest in politics whatsoever… 😛 We then returned to Iain & Joel’s place to pack our bags and relax for a few hours before driving to the airport via the Mount Ainslie Lookout, which has great views of Canberra & surrounds. Our flight home was a pleasant one, thanks to Virgin. 🙂

All-in-all it was a fantastic holiday… lots to see and do, great food and some fantastic memories. Thanks to Eddie, Samson, Sammy & Mark for joining us and thanks to Joel & Iain for letting us stay with you for 3 days in Canberra. Thanks also to everyone for the lovely birthday presents and also to Sammy for doing most of the driving in Katoomba and Canberra! Keep an eye on the site tomorrow for some of the photos!


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