My first dream was weird. Well, both dreams were weird. Actually, ALL dreams I remember are weird, LOL.

Anyway, it revolved around these people called Codebreakers, who would enter reality through a wall and basically fix up glitches in time when no one was around. I was one of these Codebreakers on a yet-to-be-determined mission near an airport late one night and I happened to spot another Codebreaker… which is odd, because 1) he wasn’t meant to be there at that airport at that time, and 2) there was only meant to be one Codebreaker per area, per night.

I decided to spy on him and soon realised that he *really* wasn’t meant to be there. He was a rogue Codebreaker, stealing secrets from the future and using them in the past to his advantage. I soon realised that HE was my mission.

I stealthed around for a bit more before getting nice and close… then he spotted me. He was fast. Almost… too fast. I chased, but watched him activate a nearby wall are dive through. I couldn’t follow, because the walls only let the original Codebreaker through… 🙁 I has failed.

A weird part of this dream is that I referred to myself (and the others) as Codebreakers… yet we were more Timekeepers. The other thing I remember is that whenever a Codebreakers wall was activated, it would temporarily cover with all of these spam email addresses… like or and so on. They would fade in and out as the Codebreaker went through. Haha… weird.

Anyway, I woke when I lost him and that was that…

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