Horse-sized scrub turkey’s

I didn’t take any melatonin tablets last night & was surprised that I could remember my dream. I don’t remember too much of it, other than I was in some mountain retreat thing for a conference of some kind.

It was a work-related dream (damn :P), because said conference was being held by the association that my place of employment belongs to. Basically it was a workshop or something with group activities… anyway, I remember having to fill in some survey or questionnaire on paper. I remember there being lots of questions and each question had lots of lines under it for writing answers – except all of the questions were yes/no-style. So I just answered them – a ‘yes’ here, a ‘no’ there, and so on.

Anyway, I finished really early because I was just answering yes / no. One of the other people there was Sean… a real-life friend from primary school who was a complete ace at anything – maths, English/spelling – even sport. I guess I was a bit jealous of him in primary school, haha. Anyway, everyone else finally finished and then the lady from the association asked us to read our answers – which I thought was odd, because they were just short ‘yes’ / ‘no’ answers. Or so I thought.

The first person, Sean, started re-reading the question to everyone in the room and then he read his answer – which was like a 5-minute essay. Actually, each answer was like that. I started to wonder if I had answered them incorrectly – even though the paper said “Answer yes/no…”. Hrm…

The next person read their answers too – again, all really long essay-like answers. Ah crap. Half way during their read-out, I excused myself to go to the loo. I ran, actually – because I didn’t want to be there to read my simple yes/no answers and look like a complete goose!

The loo was about 10 minutes walk away – along all of these boardwalks through the bushland. On the way, I remember seeing some scrub turkeys – but they were huge. I’m talking horse-sized turkeys. And they were opposite in colour to normal – instead of the usual black body and yellow / red neck thing, they were yellow and red on their body with a black neck / head. Very strange. They were all under the boardwalk resting. Anyway, I ran past them and eventually got to the toilet, which was perched up on these huuuge long poles (think the height of power-poles) with a rope ladder going up to it.

I remember looking up as I was climbing the rope ladder and I saw my BF there, walking out of the toilet. Then my alarm went off an I woke up! Damn.

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