In Soviet Russia, dream has you (oh, and so does Alexi)


Last nights dream was work related 😛 It began with me working on our technical support helpdesk answering email tickets. I remember writing a fairly detailed response for a customer, only to have them reply with “piss off”, LOL! I remember being told off by one of my colleagues because my response was ‘too good’. Weird. Then we were in Russia, but it was just my boss and I. We were there for a sales thing or something. Actually, I could have been in Russia all along, but I’m not sure 😛

Anyway, we were at this old bus terminal and I was trying to get my phone to work, as an important call was due to come through from the president of Russia. Turns out he didn’t like my detailed email response from earlier either. Lord knows how he found out about it.

Buses in the terminal came and went, as did many people, but no call from the president. We decided to try and ring him, but when we got through, his adviser told us to “piss off”. LOL.


My boss & I decided to go for a drive, so we stole an old Russian car and went to McDonalds. Except their logo was different – instead of the ‘golden arches’, the logo was Alexi* driving a red sickle into a burger.

We went inside to find that all the staff were clones of Alexi*!! Blakey would have had MessyPants™! LOL . We purchased some food and then in what seemed like a tradition, our server (Alexi* clone #937) took off his shirt (as you do – apparently?! LOL) and put a little red plastic sickle through the burger to ‘hold it together’.

I don’t remember what happened next, but the next bit I remember before walking up was us pushing the broken-down car hurriedly trying to get it to start because all of the shirtless Alexi* clones in Russia had turned into weird zombies that were out to kill everyone with their little red sickles. Then I woke up O_o  …I’m not sure if I died or whatever, but wow – that’d be a hell of a way to go. 😛


* Alexi is a muscly Russian gymnast [link is probably NSFW] that some of you will know from Youtube… especially Blakey – oh, and BTW the name ‘Alexi’ is made up, because neither Blake or I can read Russian 😛

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