Jake, Ryno & The Smiley Lady


As usual I don’t remember too much about last nights dream – what I do remember is a train ride… a really long train ride! I think we were on a train from Melbourne to Sydney or something, but it wasn’t a fancy train with sleeper carriages; it was your average CityRail train and people were sleeping everywhere, their bags were all over the place and we had to carefully climb over the top of everyone just to get to the toilet at the end of the carriage – which I went to many times, for some reason (I think I needed to pee in real life too, so that could have been a sign of some kind :-P).

As the train made its way through the outskirts of Sydney, I remember seeing a billboard for McDonalds – but instead of showing the price of, say, the Happy Meal that was pictured, it said “Prices by auction”. It turns out everything at Maccas was available by auction – so basically you had to bid on it with the people around you, as to how badly you wanted that burger, or whatever.

As we got into Sydney, Jake, Ryno, Dalebot & I went to our hotel to check in. The lady at the counter was really, really smiley – like, super-fake-smiley… and I remember Jake mocking her when she was looking down at her computer typing. Ryno told him off, of course (in his hushed “Jacob!” voice that he always does when Jake’s in trouble – haha, I bet he’s grinning now if he reads this… ’cause I’m sure he knows exactly what I mean… LOL).

Anyway, she caught him doing it and got a bit cranky. As such, Dale & I got a really nice room… and Jake & Ryno got a room in the basement with a view of the lift shaft – haha. And then I woke up!


  1. Sunday March 25, 2012  11:07 am by Ryno Reply

    LOL yes I grinned :P Plus a view of a big shaft.... who wouldn't want that room?? :P

    • Sunday March 25, 2012  12:31 pm by thepandahaus Reply

      Hahaha :-P

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