Off to “Melboudney” with @darkwaterboy

In last nights dream, I was supposed to be visiting a potential client in Sydney with Blake… however we were forced to go with Qantas because Virgin was all booked out.

After a fairly long flight, we landed in Sydney. At least that’s what Qantas told us. Turns out that the pilot had stuffed up and flew to Melbourne… but the entire cabin crew didn’t want to admit their error and kept saying it was Sydney.

When asked what had happened to the opera house or the Sydney harbour bridge, they told us that they were moved for maintenance purposes. Mmhmmmm.

Anyway, needless to say, we missed our meeting with our potential client and lost the job. Bloody Qantas! Something else happened in Sydney, but I don’t remember much more of the dream 🙁 lol.

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