Sammy & the short-shorts

I don’t often remember dreams, but I did recall this one from Saturday night / Sunday morning. Basically we were due to meet Sam & Mark for breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant at 8:30am – this part was real, but in the dream we woke up to find 30 missed calls from Sammy on our phones. We rang Sammy back to find that, for some reason, he didn’t have any pants – so before he could come down for breakfast, we had to find him some!

We ventured around for a while, but could only find a Lowes store and, for some reason, they only sold short-shorts (like these), so we bought him some of those and – while he didn’t like them – he was hungry and really wanted to at breakfast with u, so he wore them. Mark was very amused.

And then I woke up – and we met Sam & Mark for breakfast for real. No missed calls and no short-shorts, though. 😛

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