The Ghost of Schonell

Oh wow, what an awesome dream. First Christa Pudmenzky (mum), Wes (RIP), Hamish & I setup an awesome stage-set at Schonell featuring a full-size car as a swinging pendulum. Then we rescued a ghost (a little girl called Celia) from said theater.

Then we went outside onto the ovals at UQ with some friends for an intimate & live set to hear Hamish’s GF play her new song (she was a musician in my dream :P) – which was soooo catchy (I wish I could record my dreams, dammit :P). Her CD cover featured Hamish’s new ink as the album art.

Finally, we read a newspaper review of the new album and they loved it. All issues were resolved and my alarm-clock woke me up just as the dream ended. Wow, awesome dream. So real & vivid 😀

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