The Liberal Party & Dance Concentration Camps for gays & lesbians

In last night’s bizarre dream, the Liberals won the election. Luckily I was with Edz, his BF & my BF Dale. All gays were to be rounded up & sent to a concentration camp.

There was anarchy across Australia for weeks – smashed up cars, fires, looting… But they eventually got all gays. Luckily I was in the same camp as my friends.

We were forced to ‘dance’ the gay away for months in darkened rooms; to the tune of the liberal party song remixed. When @Ivecky figured out that the DJs they were using in the DCC’s (Dance Concentration Camps) were actually androids, he managed to hack one.

We used it to mine bitcoins from the liberals accounts. This, combined with the fact that the liberals had completely underestimated the number of gays in Australia (who were no longer working and paying taxes) causes the country to go broke.

Eventually, when the power went off in the DCC’s around the country, the doors and gates automatically opened and everyone walked free. The country was then slowly rebuilt and was no longer known as Australia; rather The Rainbow Nation.

Moral of the story? DON’T VOTE LIBERAL! 🙂

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  1. Tuesday August 20, 2013  9:37 am by Christa Reply

    I love it. You should be a writer. And DON'T VOTE LIBERAL!!! :-)

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