Webcasting from JB Hifi

From time to time, I’ll take 3 or 4 melatonin tablets to help me sleep – particularly on weekends, when I can sleep in. The fun thing is that when your body has higher than usual levels of melatonin, your dreams are generally more vivid – and you tend to remember them, too. Here’s a rough encounter of last night’s dream, as I remember it…

I was to help my boss do a webcast about “How to use MYOB” (wtf!?)… it was due to start in an hour and for reasons unknown to me, it was being held at a JB Hifi store. I got to the JB store on one side of the Gateway Bridge, only to find it was being held at the JB Hifi store on the other end of the Gateway Bridge. So I walked across ( which took almost an hour) and rushed into the correct JB store.

The store was absolutely packed and the big TV screens were counting down to when the webcast was due to begin. Five minutes to go. My boss was hunched over a laptop getting ready to present but was having trouble getting one of the other presenters (from our overseas office) on the phone. It was this other presenter that was due to do the bulk of the actual presenting – my boss and I were just mediating to sessions.

Anyway, the big TVs were counting down and my boss still couldn’t get the overseas colleague online to do her thing. The countdown timer was now left with 30 seconds to go. I noticed a huge space-ship flying across the sky – very low to the ground – almost blocking the sun and darkening everything for a moment. The timer kept going – and everyone in the store was now counting out-loud with it… “Five… four… three…” my boss was stressing because he STILL couldn’t get her on the phone… “two… one…” at which point a massive bomb went off at some nearby underground train station and plunged the store into complete darkness. Screw the webcast – we didn’t have power, internet or lighting – and a bomb had gone off nearby, causing one of the bridges to begin collapsing.

Then I woke up.

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