You don’t eat potato salad with your hands, little girl!

I don’t remember all of last nights dream, so I’ll post it in bullet-point form, as the order is sure to be incorrect… 😛

  • It was Christmas time
  • Elliott (a friend), mum, myself and some little girl who I’d never met before were having Christmas lunch
  • The little girl kept trying to eat mum’s potato salad with her hands – straight from the serving bowl
  • Ryno was constantly MMSing Elliott & I photos of his 4WDing trip, telling us we should come along
  • Prior to lunch, I was counting all of my piggy-bank money, and didn’t want to start lunch until I’d finished counting
  • Andrew (another friend) was also MMSing me photos of his camping trip, telling me that I should come along
  • I was wearing this weird midriff top (which I was embarrassed about?!) – a 1″ collar of fabric around my neck and then about 8″ of top, just covering my upper body… it looked hand made terrible
  • There were lots of cats

That’s all I remember. Very weird… 😛

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