Three years with my boi!

Last week, I celebrated 3 years with my boi Dale! Rather than recycle old content and go over what the last 3 years have been like (you can read about them in my blog anyway; they’ve been wonderful & amazing, FTW), I thought I’d just do a general ‘Dear Diary’-style post to fill you in on what I’ve been up to lately :-).

On Friday night my boy came over for dinner (like he does some Friday nights, hehe) after work. I got home at around 4pm, gave him a big kiss and then he handed be a bag… inside were some pressies! 😀

The first one I opened was actually something I had on my “to buy / own” list (aka, my bucket list), but I wasn’t expecting something quite so extravagant or expensive as an anniversary gift… wow! A copy of Forza 3 for the ‘360!!! Needless to say that I’ve been playing it every day since.

Actually, my flatmate and I both play it for hours each night (he’s playing it right now, actually – I think he’s addicted – his BF agrees with me, haha :P)… it’s getting hard to get a go on the Xbox now because it’s so darn popular – Forza 3 for Jake & I and Dale with Fallout 3 and it’s great set of amazing add-ons. Granted we have three Xbox360’s in the house, but the downstairs one has the biggest hard drive, so it ends up getting most of the games installed on it, LOL.

The other gift was some spiced loose-leaf tea’s from T2. Dale recently got me some Chai from there (it’s at work, but I’ve used over half of it already :P) and it’s delish – so these new flavours (a ginger & a chilli one) should be nice additions to my tea options. My gifts for my boy were a copy of the DS game “Scribblenauts” (it’s fun – YouTube the name for some cool videos) and a plush version of the famous Weighted Companion Cube from the Steam store (from the game Portal – you’ll know what a Weighted Companion Cube is if you’ve ever played Portal); Dale’s pictured cuddling the cube in the thumbnail to the top-left of this article.

After more hugs and kisses, we went to the shops to grab some stuff for dinner. I had some ticketing work to do that night, so he very kindly made dinner, including a great tomato, mushroom & bacon sauce for the ravioli that we’d bought. It was so simple, yet very delicious. I’ll have to get the recipe off him. He doesn’t cook for me very often (a few times a year), but it was very nice of him to cook for me that night. Dinner was delicious, he did such a good job! =)

On Saturday night he came over again and we met up at our friends place for pre-clubbing drinks and snacks. We headed out at around 10pm and walked the short distance to The Beat. That annoying DJ Dan (or whatever his name is) was on again – the one who won’t play your requests because “he’s not a jukebox” (as he says). He doesn’t actually beatmix all that much, which is annoying. DJ Denny’s great though – pity he wasn’t on when we were there. He plays songs that I like, he’ll play your requests and he beatmixes more often. Anyway, I digress.

We headed to The Wickham at around 1am and stayed there for an hour – they played some great Freemason’s mixes, including Whitney Houston’s new on, Million Dollar Bill (awesome mix, but not as good as my current favourite, which is Mika – Rain [Seamus Haji Big Love Remix]. It’s finally replaced Mariah Carey – Obsessed [Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Mix] as my current favourite remix 😛

Sunday was a fairly lazy day – with bacon & eggs for breakfast, a trip to JB & EB at Carindale in the afternoon and then a 7km bike ride at a smidge after 5pm (since I have two bikes now & have decided not to sell one my older one, so that my boy could ride with me). A fun weekend!

That’s all for today really. The storm’s coming in fairly quickly, so I’d better finish for today, but happy 3-year anniversary to us. Love you lots babe 🙂 *mwah*

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