2011 Fondue Night


Each Christmas since about 2007 or so, it’s become a bit of a tradition to have friends over for a “fondue night” – we used to run two fondue pots with oil, for cooking meats. Then we got a third pot and do a cheese fondue. This year – for the first time ever – we had four… 2x oil (for meat), 1x cheese and 1x chocolate!

The cheese and chocolate ones were divine… thanks to Eddie for spending half the night preparing the wine + garlic + cheese fondue, only to have it run out within about 5 minutes and then go back inside to make another one 😛

Thanks also to everyone for coming, brining their respective requested items and also to Jake & Ryan for letting us use their back deck for the event this year… my dining room has been the venue for the past 4 years, but it can only house about 12 guests… this year, as our group of friends has grown recently, we had to have room for almost 20 people! So thanks again boys! Check out a couple of photos below, or view many photos from past fondues here.


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