Celebrating my BF’s birthday


My boy celebrated his birthday yesterday, so 14 of us went to dinner at Giardinetto to celebrate (check out Leisure Reviews for my review)! We had a great feed (they do some fantastic Italian food), followed by a delicious marble mud cake which was shaped like a heart (by mistake – so hence, when it came out, we sang: “Happy Valentines Day too youuu… Happy Valentines Day to youuuuu…” heh).

After dinner, we headed over to the nearby Mana Bar (Australia’s first video gaming bar)  for cocktails and Xbox / Wii gaming – and what a neat place the Mana Bar is. Well worth a visit!

As for the pressies, my boy got what he asked for, haha… a 16GB micro SD card, a skydiving voucher, chocolates and a 10-pack yoga pass (since he wants to get back into it).

Anyway, I will leave you with some photos from the night & will say a big thank you to Sammy for organising the cake, as well as the other 11 people (not including myself or my boy) for coming along and making it an enjoyable night for my boyfriend Dale. *big hugs to all!* 🙂

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