Live like a millionaire weekend


One of my friends parents own a company that has done quite well – so him & his partner organised for some of us to go over to their penthouse on the Gold Coast for a night of MYO pizza, games, drinks, spa / pool / beach and general relaxation.

Sadly the rooftop spa was a murky swamp-like brown, so we had to rule it out. The rooftop pool was a nice blue colour, but sadly wasn’t heated (the overcast conditions meant that without heating, it was a little too chilly for most of us)… and the beach, well – it was about as cold as the pool – but that didn’t stop us from going waist-deep (or so) on Day 2 of our weekend. One of the girls actually went all the way in for a swim, but she’s brave… hehe.

So anyway – without further delay, here are the photos from what I must say was one of the most relaxing, fun and enjoyable weekend’s I have had all year. Seriously. Thank you also to Ryan who took some of the photos (marked as such in the captions) – particularly the nice underwater & macro shots, thanks to his camera’s new waterproof housing. Enjoy! 🙂



When Jakey wasn’t looking (hehehe!!), I gave one of his shoes to Al’s puppy. Here are some videos of said puppy having a chew or two… 😀


Photo Gallery

Pix from the weekend include making our own pizza’s (MYO pizza’s), some of us helping Jake cook dessert and a few other miscellaneous bits and pieces along the way. Image captions succeeded with an asterisk (*) indicate that the photo was taken by Ryan.

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