My EuroTrip Blog – Day 35

Today began by feeling quite hungover after clubbing with Bash, Donald, Edz, Dale & Sam the night before. By the time Sam & I got back to the hotel it was 2am, and then it was another hour before Dale & Edz got back; both quite drunk (well, VERY drunk in Eddy’s case! :-P).

We had a quick breakfast at a cafe at Waterloo train station before our private fixed-fare taxi arrived back at the hotel to pick us up and take us out to Heathrow Airport. For Edz & Sam it was Terminal 5, as they were catching a British Airways flight over to Stockholm in Sweden (a 5pm flight). Dale & I then caught the Heathrow Express train (an express train into London that’s faster and more expensive than the tube)… but we found out that you can use it to travel between terminals for free; so we used it to get to Terminal 3, checked in at the Singapore Airlines counter (luckily they didn’t mind about our overweight luggage) then headed into the Singapore Airline lounge where we had some vegetarian tikka marsala with rice, spaghetti with meatballs and various drinks and what-not… yum!

Our flight departed at 6:15pm, with boarding commencing at 5:15pm (it takes some time for them to board hundreds of peope onto an A380 :P)… so we had 2 or 3 hours to kill, but it went fairly quickly in the lounge.

We boarded the plane some hours later, ready for our 14 hour flight to Singapore… joy! 😛 Until tomorrow…

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