Roast Night


Last night, my BF Dale & I invited Jake, Ryno, Sammy, Mark, Kerri & Deb over for a Roast Night… which is basically just a fun night of games and food (in the form of a roast).

The roast consisted of lamb (marinated in red wine and garlic) and beef (marinated in seeded mustard, herbs and garlic). The lamb was absolutely divine; I thoroughly recommend Major Cuts Butchery for their marinated roasts. Vegies included sweet potato, potato, carrot and pumpkin – with gravy of course. Sammy brought chocolate hot-cross buns for dessert… yum!

Before dinner, we played a bit of Mario Kart (as shown below), while afterwards we played Couples Pictionary (Jake & Ryno won) followed by Baulderdash – two of our favourite games. As usual when we get together as a group, there were a LOT of laughs. Particularly with Kerri’s drawing of the word “Torpedo” in Pictionary which, as you’ll see from the drawing in the photos below, was drawn as a tornado?!? *giggles*. Then someone made a genuine comment about Stonehenge – it went something along the lines of… “I thought it was part of a car?!”.

Needless to say, this theme carried on into Balderdash – with many references to tornadoes, torpedoes and, of course, Stonehenge. Another laugh came from my response to the following… “Describe the plot of a movie called Homebodies”, by which I wrote down my response as: “The story of a black rapper who uses people’s body parts as musical instruments”.

And then later on, we had to define the word “Kamalayka”, by which Sammy came up with “When a black man who plays instruments (made from body parts) has his Stonehenge removed”… or me, who said this word meant… “A bird native to Stonehenge”… or Ryno, who said it meant “A homie-slang term for a camel laying on a car with a faulty Stonehenge”. Wow. Awesome. 😛

Anyway… here are the photos and some scans of our Pictionary drawings – including the illusive “Torpedo”…


Photo Gallery

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