My bucket list

Last updated: 26th December 2016


Things that would be nice to have (please)

Here are some things that would be nice to own (in no particular order – other than alphabetical).

  • Book – TinTin comics; here’s a list of the ones I don’t have…
    • The Shooting Star
    • Explorers on the Moon
    • The Calculus Affair
    • Tintin in Tibet
    • The Castafiore Emerald
    • Tintin and the Picaros
    • Tintin and Alph-Art
  • Food & drink – Any of the German chocolates / sweets from ALDI
  • Model – A Virgin Australia model plane (or similar) – on a stand
  • Nerdy stuff: A camera lens cup
  • Nerdy stuff: Star trek apron (red or blue)
  • Nerdy stuff: Lab beaker mug (350ml)
  • Nerdy stuff: Time in a flight simulator


Things to do before I die

In no particular order…

  • Go quadbiking again (COMPLETED!)
  • Learn how to drive!
  • Live off my own business (it’s getting there!)
  • Meet my BF’s parents / family
  • Visit New Zealand with my BF (COMPLETED!)
  • Travel outside of Australia (COMPLETED!)
  • Watch the sunrise at Mt Glorious with my BF (COMPLETED!)
  • Climb the Story Bridge (Brisbane) or Harbour Bridge (Sydney) – legally, of course (COMPLETED!)