The end of the line for this panda

Some weeks ago, a very mysterious panda appeared on the whiteboard at home. Then, he was accessorised and, every few days, something new was added. Today is the last day for this little fellow; but take a look at the photo below and the long list of accessories he’s had added!

Thanks to my flatmate Flippiy for this clever creation – and to everyone who’s added to him over the last few weeks. I wonder what creation we’ll see next…?

  • Glasses
  • Freckles
  • A top-hat
  • Corks on said hat
  • A feather in said hat
  • A lined tattoo on his right arm
  • A Twitter bird
  • A scar on his forehead
  • A satellite dish (communicating with a Low Orbit Ion Cannon satellite; not shown)
  • A balloon
  • Borg implants
  • A Borg tattoo
  • A scar on his cheek
  • A chin
  • A bow tie
  • A pocket
  • A flower in said pocket
  • A watch
  • A feather (I think) near his left ear
  • A Western / Cowboy Pandaboy-style belt

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  1. Friday December 23, 2011  10:38 am by Christa Pudmenzky Reply

    So cute...

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