If Linux opened a cafe

You may remember my previous posts, If Apple opened a cafe and if If Microsoft opened a cafe. Here’s the third installment – if Linux opened had a cafe…

  • Your meal is quite cheap but it may have been cooked by hundreds if not thousands of chefs.
  • A few years ago only a select few who knew how to cook in the style could eat at the restaurant but now almost anyone can eat there.
  • The main ingredients are usually the same however the different flavours are a result of various preparation, cooking & presentation methods.
  • Food poisoning is almost unheard of.
  • It can be hard for an individual to get used to the particular style of the food if they have been eating at the MS or Apple restaurants for all their lives.
  • You can use any cutlery, silver wear and make your own table settings
  • The decor doesn’t necessarily have to be up to date and the meal will still be good.
  • If you have a problem with the meal most of the patrons of the restaurant will be able to help you make it right.
  • The customer can even have a hand in the preparation and cooking to make the meal just right for them.
  • You can even bring in the table settings/cutlery from the MS & apple restaurants to use at the Linux restaurants.
  • You may need to make your own meal (ie: compile it) from a series of ingredients provided upon entering.

PS: Big thanks to my BF who came up with all of the above!

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