Default password for OKI printers

I’m blogging this so that I don’t forget (and so Google finds it in case you’ve forgotten, too)…

The default admin / root password for OKI printers (or, an OKI C711n, at least), is ‘aaaaaa’ (lowercase) or the last 6 digits of the printer’s MAC address (uppercase if applicable & without the colons).

Hopefully Google indexes it so you find it, too. Leave me a comment or a Facebook “Like!” if I’ve helped you. Thanks! 🙂


  1. Wednesday June 26, 2013  9:25 am by Tui Reply

    Thanks alot was looking everywhere for this :)

  2. Tuesday September 17, 2013  8:39 am by Holly Hutchinson Reply

    Thank you! Having a heck of time here; can only print with old PowerMac G4 (Dual 400MHz) circa 2000. Part of it is new Cisco router. I guess

  3. Friday November 1, 2013  10:30 pm by owlet256 Reply

    thanks 'aaaaaa' worked for C321

  4. Friday December 6, 2013  7:29 pm by Hari Reply

    Thanks a ton! :)

  5. Wednesday April 30, 2014  1:16 am by grant Reply

    default for most models

  6. Friday June 6, 2014  6:51 am by John Tankard Reply


    'aaaaaa' worked for me too with an OKI C511DN.

  7. Tuesday August 5, 2014  1:30 am by David Reply

    C562dn is root and aaaaaa
    just our old admin changed it didn't document it and now we're screwed OKI want £105 to send someone out to sort it. They won't let me know how to reset it. I have to say, I feel doubly screwed, if anyone knows how to factory reset an OKI C562dn that would be great

  8. Friday November 14, 2014  12:21 am by Ray Munoz Reply

    does anyone know how to factory reset an oki mc362w. i have tried all the user id/passwords i found and nothing. or if anyone has any other ideas, i would appreciate it.

  9. Tuesday December 9, 2014  4:52 am by luishashimoto Reply

    It also worked for my C911dn
    Thank you!

    • Wednesday August 21, 2019  8:46 am by Lorenzo Boido Reply

      On an Oki pro910 and an Oki c9650 - ‘aaaaaa’ is the default admin code.

  10. Wednesday March 25, 2015  11:36 pm by MR Singh Reply

    worked for me as well on an A3 Colour OKI C822 DN.

    root / aaaaaa (6 a's). Now set it to our own password.

  11. Tuesday July 21, 2015  4:29 pm by Scott McCallum Reply

    just installed a MC780 and the password was 123456

  12. Wednesday January 4, 2017  5:03 pm by Megan Reply


  13. Monday January 16, 2017  4:38 pm by irfan Reply

    MB 472 PASSWORD ??

  14. Friday June 30, 2017  1:19 am by C Reply

    MB 492 was also admin and 123456

  15. Sunday December 9, 2018  9:23 am by Jerry Diamond Reply

    Thank you it worked.

  16. Wednesday December 12, 2018  11:18 pm by D. Gray Reply

    Worked here for a B401dn :) Thanks

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