Editing a DVD (.VOB files) in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

For years now, I’ve been trying to find an easy way to edit (and / or open) a DVD video in Adobe Premiere Pro. You see, at times, my customers will send me DVD discs of AGM’s, presentations, conferences etc, and ask me to edit it for them.

Normally, I’ve had to get some third-party program to convert it to an AVI or MOV and then you get issues with the aspect ratio bring wrong, audio not converting properly (or at all), audio out of sync with video, and so on. I’ve been pulling my hair out for years (thankfully I’ve got plenty of it :P) trying to find a program that works and doesn’t cost the earth.

So it comes as a big surprise to me that you don’t even need a program to do the conversion! Little did I know, that Adobe Premiere Pro can read the DVD files, with a small tweak. This hint comes thanks to my friend Paul, from Priceless Video Production. I thought I’d blog it so that a) Google indexes it for others, like you, so that you too can learn this neat trick… and b) so that if I ever forget how to do it (I don’t need to do it all that often), I can just look it up on here.

So, without further delay, here’s what you’ve gotta do…

  1. Copy the .VOB files from the DVD video disc to your desktop (or elsewhere on your computer)
  2. Rename the file(s) extension from.VOB to .MPG
  3. Import the .MPG files into Adobe Premiere Pro

And there you have it. It really is that easy; and yet it’s taken me forever to come across that little gem. So thank you, Paul! Much appreciated.

Did it work? Got any other tricks?

Has this trick helped you? Do you have any other neat Adobe Premiere Pro tricks? Leave me a comment below… 🙂


  1. Wednesday May 11, 2011  2:04 am by htetnaing Reply

    Thankz a lot for your topic .But i want to know when u change extension .VOB to .MPG,
    the quality of videos and audios are get low quality?
    And i want to edit .AVI extension So i can change .VOB to .AVI?
    I used Canopus Procoder 3 for convert DVD to AVI. It is not comfortable.

    I hope for your reply.
    Very Sorry for my English sentence.

    • Wednesday May 11, 2011  4:33 pm by Andy Reply

      The quality should not change, unless your software is interpreting them incorrectly somehow... I think you can only change to .MPG, not .AVI, because VOB files are a form of MPEG, but they are not a form of AVI (as far as I know).

  2. Thursday December 26, 2013  9:50 am by Bill Bader Reply

    I've been struggling with this for too long. I had no idea the "fix" would be so simple. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, I can re-edit videos I've made!

    • Thursday December 26, 2013  9:55 am by Panda Reply

      I know, right?! It's almost TOO easy! Enjoy :-)

  3. Wednesday May 29, 2019  3:53 am by Emily Reply

    Thank you so much for this tip!! Still works in 2019 :)

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