How to Automate & Simplify the Downloading of Torrents

uTorrent is a great program for facilitating the downloading of torrents (Linux ISOs, free eBooks, shareware games & other such legitimate files)… but what if you’re at work looking for torrents & you want to have them start downloading at home? Or what if you’re browsing on your tablet / mobile phone / laptop but you want torrents to start on your main PC?

I used to ZIP & email the torrent files to myself… which is clearly a waste of time, because I’ve found a neat solution that works quite well! Here’s how to set it up…

  1. Sign up for a free Dropbox account.
  2. Install Dropbox (and log it into your Dropbox account) on all computers where you may be saving Torrents from – for example, your phone (Dropbox works on Android & iPhone), your desktop PC, your laptop, work PC, etc.
  3. In the Dropbox, create a folder called “Torrents” (or similarly-named).
  4. Now setup a “watched folder” in uTorrent (Options -> Preferences -> Directories -> Automatically load .torrents from…) and direct it to your new Torrents folder and get uTorrent to delete the torrent file once it’s been picked up.

That’s it! All you need to do now is save your torrent files into the “Torrents” folder in your Dropbox (on whichever device you’re using) and uTorrent will pick them up instantly (if left running), delete the torrent file and start downloading the contents of your torrent. Neat! 😀

NB. I do not condone the use of torrents, Dropbox or uTorrent for downloading illegal files.

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