The EPSON printer driver dealing with CD printing is not installed – workaround

If you, like me, have an Epson colour printer that can print onto CD’s, you may have come across an annoying error when trying to use the Epson Print CD software with Windows 7.

When first upgrading to Windows 7 (64-bit) last year, I found that the version of Print CD that had originally been supplied with the printer was not Windows 7 compatible. So I downloaded a new version of the Print CD software (version 2.00.00A from the Epson website), but found that whenever I tried to print an image onto a CD, the following error appeared: “The EPSON printer driver dealing with CD printing is not installed” (as shown below)…

Annoyingly, I thought that my Epson Stylus Colour R310 was simply not Windows 7 compatible and tried to purchase a replacement Epson. At the time, there were no Epson CD-printers available (I think they were between models or something), so I reluctantly bought a HP… which I later found to be a complete and utter piece of rubbish and I now want people to help me find ways to creatively destroy it.

Anyway, after much frustration with the HP, I decided to try the Epson printer again. So I dragged it our of the cupboard and installed it. Although I still recived the same error shown above, I managed to find a way to print to the Epson printer (using Print CD), regardless of the error. Here’s how…


Bypassing the error & printing anyway…

  1. When the above error appears, click ‘OK’.
  2. Click the ‘Manual Print’ button.
  3. Select your Epson printer from the drop-down menu at the top (see 1st screenshot, below).
  4. Click ‘Properties’.
  5. Change the Source dropdown from ‘Sheet’ to ‘Manual’ (see 2nd screenshot, below).
  6. Change the Type dropdown from ‘Plain paper’ to ‘CD/DVD’.
  7. Leave the size as-is, and click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ again.
  8. Your CD will now be printed using your Epson.

The downside is that you need to do this every time you print a CD, but hey.. it’s better than having to buy a HP CD printer. Trust me on that one.


How did you go…?

Did this work for you, or do you have any other tips to share? If so, please let me know via the comments below. Thank you! 🙂



  1. Monday May 16, 2011  4:40 pm by Alan Long Reply

    Great fix and well presented. Good work!

  2. Tuesday June 14, 2011  6:21 am by R Lincoln Reply

    Thanks a lot for this, as previously stated "well presented and great fix" - after trawling the Epson site and Windows, which wasted many hours.

    • Monday February 4, 2013  3:25 am by Danny Reply

      Having same problem with vista. The printer doesn't show up in the drop down. Any help?

  3. Monday February 4, 2013  7:21 am by Panda Reply

    Hrm... if it's not even showing up in the drop-down, then I'm not sure, sorry :-(

  4. Wednesday March 6, 2013  4:57 am by Clive Reply

    Excellent workaround. The old Epson CD print & Go software just printed way off the disk. Now I can print CDs with only this minor hassle. Thanks for the advice.

    • Wednesday March 6, 2013  6:52 am by Panda Reply

      Any time; glad it worked :-)

  5. Friday March 8, 2013  10:42 pm by DJ Bafy Reply

    Working for me too. Best Regards from Croatia and THX !

  6. Wednesday March 13, 2013  9:06 am by Stew Reply

    Worked Great for me. Thank You.

  7. Sunday March 24, 2013  2:33 pm by Dr_Rudi Reply

    You are a legend! I was about to go crazy. Thanks!

  8. Tuesday June 4, 2013  2:33 pm by Geoff Reply

    Thanks heaps, saved my sanity, printer and computer & windows 8 system. Winows 8 is probably the worst computer program perpetrated on mankind.

  9. Thursday June 27, 2013  9:56 am by Colin Turner Reply

    Superb advice. If Epson had any sense they would recruit you and put you in charge of customer service! My old R200 now prints CDs just as accurately as it did with XP and without any of the feed problems that used to occur. You are a star!

  10. Monday August 12, 2013  10:28 pm by Greg Reply

    A great workaround for a very annoying problem. I love printing CDs and DVDs on the old R310 and I thought it's days were over.
    Many thanks from a fellow A/V guy who also lives in Brisbane. Greg

  11. Tuesday August 20, 2013  8:21 pm by Peter Reply

    Worked well. My printer didn't show in the drop down list, but it didn't matter went into the manual print you can still get to the properties to select cd/dvd.

  12. Friday August 23, 2013  7:34 am by gozaimasu Reply

    I, also, declare you a rock star! I was very disturbed after finding an R200, finding the software CD was cracked, getting it's contents on-line and then that nasty message. But, then the Lone Ranger popped up on a quick search and all is well. Stephen

  13. Monday December 23, 2013  5:38 am by Heleen Reply

    Thank you very much for giving this solution. I was nearly to go to buy a new printer. But now my old one can stay here. Heleen from Holland.

  14. Wednesday February 5, 2014  8:02 am by andrea varnier Reply

    Thank you very much! I was stuck and hopeless, and this is just what I needed :)

  15. Thursday February 20, 2014  9:32 am by Judi Reply

    Is there a solution to this problem.
    My epson artisan 725 was working fine and then for no apparent reason it started giving me this error " The EPSON printer driver dealing with CD printing is not installed".
    Using the above workaround I can print on a CD but I do alot for printing on Cd and it is a real pain.

  16. Wednesday March 12, 2014  4:19 am by markkingsbury Reply

    I'm having the same issue with my RX585. However the "properties" window doesn't give me any option for cd/dvd. I don't know what I have done wrong but it's very frustrating to not be able to print to CD...

  17. Saturday April 5, 2014  8:04 am by Jacquie Kennedy Reply

    I had been fooling around with this for several hours, to no avail, before finding your post. Can't thank you enough. Worked like a charm!

  18. Sunday May 4, 2014  6:35 am by Ísleifur Gíslason Reply

    Tried your work around on my Epson Stylus Photo R300, and it almost worked, the CD tray was activated and the printer tried to print but unsuccessfully and when I removed the CD tray it printed on a sheet of paper as I had been hoping to see on my CD :/

  19. Wednesday June 18, 2014  8:29 am by denniscuddles Reply

    Ísleifur Gíslason, do the printer's rollers fail to grip the tray and draw it in? If so, it's a common problem with the R200/300 printers caused, apparently, by wear to the tabs at the inner end of the tray. There are numerous solutions on the web, including sanding the bottom of the tray and extending the tabs by sticking tape on them. However, I've found the simplest solution is to position the tray correctly, go through the print dialogue and wait for the head to start moving. It will travel all the way to the left of the printer, pause, then return to the right. At this point, the rollers will start to turn. As soon as you see the rollers moving, push the tray gently towards them until they grip it and draw it in. The tray will then feed out again until you can just see the edge of the white centre registration mark. The printer head will travel slowly backwards and forwards over the tray as it judges the position of the CD. The printer will then position the tray correctly and printing will start.
    This might not solve the problem you're having but it may be worth trying. Be prepared for a little trial and error, though.

    • Friday June 20, 2014  7:19 am by Panda Reply

      I have this problem too, and have been using the gentle-push trick for many years - it works well, doesn't it? Thanks for posting it :-D

  20. Wednesday August 13, 2014  11:07 am by rania Reply

    I have a Epson photo stylus 2100, and just upgraded my computer to windows 7, trying to use my print cd but get the annoying message that printer driver is not installed, but it is, have tried to do it manually and still doesn't work. So annoyed have been at this for 2 weeks now and even Epson cant fix it!!!! can anyone help me please!!!

    • Monday January 12, 2015  6:50 pm by Jed Reply

      Found the solution here as I was struggling to print CD's as well

  21. Wednesday September 10, 2014  10:30 am by Lakis J Reply

    Thanks I have windows 8.1 and was doing the print as above, then all of a sudden it doesn't work. I tested the printer on the old X machine and it works so its not a printer mechanical problem.
    I just now downloaded the update for print CD from Epson for windows 8 64 bit. still doesn't work, any ideas please.

  22. Wednesday October 15, 2014  5:43 am by Taylor Reply

    windows 8 or 8.1 64bit (didn't try the 32bit) has the same issue, but you can't select the CD option in the type drop down. Fix it by downloading the windows 7 64bit driver package from Epsons website use 7zip to extract all the files from the .exe driver package you downloaded. Than go to the printer settings and changed the driver in the advanced tab.Click on "have disk" than navigate to the folder you extracted. The old driver seem to work but I have not fully tested it.

  23. Sunday October 19, 2014  12:37 pm by Akli Reply

    Thank You so much, that really resolved the problem.
    I would like to add an valuable info regarding Stylus R300 model with Win 8:
    Step 2, before pressing MANUAL PRINT, make sure you select Tray 2 in TRAY option, if tray 1 is selected, the CD will be printed half way, and you lose lots of ink off the tray.

    Thank you again for the help.

    • Tuesday October 28, 2014  11:32 am by Bob Reply

      I have Windows 8.1 64 bit and resolved it by downgrading to Print CD 2.0. Works just fine now using the Manual Print.

      • Tuesday November 4, 2014  6:35 pm by Lakis Reply

        I have a problem that my Windows 8.1 recognises my Brother Fax 2850 printer but wont print

  24. Monday December 8, 2014  2:50 am by maiseded Reply

    Win8.1 64bit computers installed win7 64bit driver (epson13463) and print CD works fine, no manual print needed. Notice Epson just released an update for Print CD and sure enough it doesn't work either. My next printer will be a canon!

  25. Monday January 12, 2015  6:52 pm by Jed Reply

    This should help, it did for me after a lot of messing about.

  26. Sunday February 1, 2015  3:13 am by Ken Vine Reply

    Doesn't work for me - and this workaround is also on the Epson website. R300 printer on Windows 7. I do everything you say, click ok at the end (twice),,,,, and the printer just sits there doing nothing. I know it's stored the print file though, because next time I put cd tray upright and put paper in, it prints the disk artwork to a sheet of paper,

    • Tuesday April 14, 2015  3:21 am by Simon Reply

      Try with version 2.20.00 of print CD - I had the same issue with 2.34.00

  27. Monday February 2, 2015  2:23 am by Dielis Reply

    Fantastische oplossing voor deze oldtimer, maar het is voor mij de beste printer ever.
    Heel fijn dat ik hem nu nog niet op de schroothoop hoef te gooien, maar zeker nog jaren mee kan.

    Bijzonder bedankt voor het delen van deze informatie.

    Gr Dielis

  28. Tuesday April 14, 2015  3:20 am by Simon Reply

    Only seems to work for version.2.20.00 of Print CD - the very latest (2.34.00) just doesn't seem to print at all.

  29. Monday June 15, 2015  10:35 pm by lakisjoannouKypreos Reply

    I have given up trying to print CDs from windows 8 onan Epson stylus. Quite simply I bought a cheap $100 Epson XP610 MFP and it is noe compatible.

  30. Tuesday September 22, 2015  10:27 pm by Morteza Reply

    I have given up too on Epson XP-620. Going to return it back to them.

    • Sunday March 6, 2016  11:43 am by lakisjoannou Reply

      I also have bought ab XP620 replacing my R series which would not work with Windows 10 64bit.
      I have found the same regarding printing CDs. I found that when I copy something form file or the net, I need to do it via internet explorer, then go to CD print and "voila!!! it works. It wont work with Microsofts horrible new MS edge.

    • Sunday March 6, 2016  11:45 am by lakisjoannou Reply

      I already replied. Go to internet explorer first then CD print and XP 620 then works for CD print with windows 10.

  31. Thursday December 10, 2015  9:34 pm by Spamandy Reply

    I was having problems with windows 10 and also found out it's down to what version of print cd you have. The latest version from Epson site did not work I hade to find my install disk with 2.20 version and install that and now it's working again (with the work around, select manual print, etc...)
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction it was doing my head in.

  32. Wednesday January 13, 2016  2:30 pm by Joanna Grammon Reply

    Epson Artisan 725 - Windows 8, 64: I tried the workaround when I got the "driver dealing with CD printing is not installed" BUT when I got to "Manual Print" it's not there anymore (I'm guessing the latest version doesn't have it) and there is no choice, only "automatically select". After that, it goes to paper options. I have an email in to tech support but am guessing that the reply may be less than helpful. I am hoping to find the earlier Print CD 2.0 driver, but no luck so far. I also had to install the main printer driver again today, which may be where the problem originated. Incidentally, that driver no longer has print quality options among other undesirable changes. I had been so happy with this printer until this. Is this a plot to sell more printers? This really sucks, because I sell scenic DVDs and make my own music, and have liked that professional look.

  33. Wednesday December 28, 2016  10:44 am by Jeremy Price Reply

    Brilliant. Thank you so much!

  34. Saturday January 7, 2017  9:45 am by Jorge Reply

    What can I say. You are the man. These Marketing and engineering guys that kill products for their own sake are way too many. We need more [people like you. Thanks

  35. Saturday January 14, 2017  7:57 pm by Jim Wilson Reply

    My Epson 2100 CD print was not working in Windows 10 64 bit (Only just tried printing a CD since installing Win 10 a year ago) but this workaround sloved the problem. Thanks a lot!

  36. Wednesday January 18, 2017  8:30 am by Kevin Luck Reply

    Tried this with an EPSON Stylus Photo R210 but with no success, sadly. On the bright sid,e it is a well written set of instructions though!

    • Wednesday January 18, 2017  8:32 am by Kevin Luck Reply

      Running Windows 10 64 bit BTW

    • Wednesday May 17, 2017  1:37 am by John Reply

      Install the print drivers for the XP-640 and that will resolve the issue.

  37. Sunday February 12, 2017  7:17 pm by Harry Bouckley Reply

    I used your solution ages ago with success.
    Microsoft just updates Win 10 and solution would not work, almost got out my technical adjuster, others call it a sledge hammer.
    Went to Epson site and in just the last few days they have upgraded from version 2.24 which I had downloaded a few days ago to version 2.44, so I downloaded and installed it, your solution worked again.
    I must admit that I did almost take the "my Hero" flag off my list, but it is still there.

  38. Monday February 13, 2017  9:43 am by Cynthia Smith Reply

    I'm running windows 7 and using an epson artisan 830 series printer. I got the same error and followed the instructions, Dis not work Can someone please help me.

    • Wednesday May 17, 2017  1:36 am by John Reply

      Install the print drivers for the XP-640 and that will resolve the issue.

  39. Thursday May 11, 2017  7:00 am by Marshall Reply

    This problem continues in 2017 with several Epson printers when using with Windows 7. You will need to go to this Epson website and there you will be able to enter your printer model number. Then you may download a new updated set of drivers for your specific Windows OS and your CD printer will work fine with automatic printing.

  40. Wednesday May 17, 2017  1:35 am by John Reply

    I did all this and still could not get it to work. I finally installed the print driver for the Epson XP-640 and low and behold I could print on CD's again.

  41. Tuesday September 12, 2017  9:23 pm by Colin Weston Reply

    Brilliant. I have a very old Epson Stylus Photo 2100 which has been very reliable and have no wish to buy a replacement. I get fed up with suppliers like Epson who only have an interest in selling new product and not supporting existing customers. Same with Microsoft who keep 'Improving' their operating systems. Personally, I could have lived with Windows XP for ever. Thanks very much, I have been wrestling with this problem for over a year. You are a star!

  42. Thursday October 26, 2017  1:50 am by D Gooding Reply

    I spent a whole day pulling my hair out trying to sort this problem with your help I got to print a CD/DVD..thanks brilliant..

  43. Monday February 26, 2018  10:28 am by Spectre Reply

    My Artisan 835 did not have this problem in Windows 8.1 but as soon as I went to Windows 10 (due to computer death) my Aritisan 835 would not print CD covers. I figured it was an Artisan 835/Windows problem so I purchased a new XP-830. It still fails to be able to print CD Covers.

  44. Saturday April 7, 2018  5:19 am by Andy Reply

    Thank You! You have resisted Epson's planned obsolescence! Their EVIL plan to send my printer to the landfill before it is broken, did not succeed! THANK YOU!

  45. Saturday September 29, 2018  9:37 pm by TomH Reply

    Thank you, thank you!
    This works exactly as you say on Windows 10 x64 - version 1803.

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