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Early mornings

What a day! That's all I can say (rhyming not intended). I have this new thing where I wake up at like, 5am and get to work at 7am. I know that's kinda early to be at work (conside[...]

Reflecting on the year 2000

Oooher! It's the year 2001 at last!! And what a year 2000 was. Throughout 2000, I've been through lots of up and down times, mostly up as the year was ending, which was really, rea[...]

Christmas sales

Christmas is over! Christmas is over! The sales r on! The sales r on! :) I had a pretty kool xmas holiday this year... spent it with family and friends. My flatmate gave me this co[...]

More clubbing!

Wow... what a night! I had dinner here at home (as you do :P), and arrived at one of my favorite clubs (The Beat) at around 10pm... it was kinda empty, so I just sat around outside[...]


Ever experienced that feeling when you come out of a night club after entering it at 10pm, to find that it's light? Well... I experienced that for the second time last Saturday. I [...]

Work Christmas party

Just returned from a fantastic work Christmas party on the Sunshine Coast. We went up at about 3pm on Friday and met Paul, the boss there at around 4:30. The others had all finally[...]

Concert productions

Hrm... It seems I haven't done one of these for quite some time, so I thought I'd better go ahead and write one. This time of year is always really, really busy and spare time, if [...]

Back from Sydney

It's the first day back at work after a week in Sydney. A few hundred emails to read, and lots of work to catch up on. But it's good to be back in the rhythm of life again :) I'm a[...]


Well it's that time of year again. November! What's so good about November I hear you ask? Nothing - cause I haven't thought of a good reason yet. I'm off to Sydney this month too.[...]

PMS Cafe

Well, well, well... another Tuesday night it is. Another cool day at work doing a quote for a web site. I'm really getting the hang of these quotes now. I guess they're an importan[...]

933MHz computers are fast

Another Sunday, and another weekend gone so quickly. Where do they go? I guess waking up late after sleeping in is a problem - cause if you wake up at lunchtime, half of your day i[...]


In September 2000 (when 3 or 4 of us Virgo's all had our birthday's), a group of us with some of our friends decided to go to Dreamworld. Since i'm currently writing this in 2009 a[...]

Our old house

Pretty much every kid has some great memories of where they grrew up; and I'm no different. Our home in Greenbank was a lot of fun - 2 acres meant there was plenty of room for r[...]