Kingscliff Easter Holiday – Day 2

Day two down here at Kingscliff involved waking up at around 7:30am and making a bacon and egg roll using ingredients from the local IGA. We were initially going to go to the cafe here, but it was the only one open and had about a million people there plus a 45 minute wait for food.

After that I went down to the beach for a few hours with Ryno, British-Jake, Elliott, Luke, Blake & Phil. After a spot of tanning, Luke & I decided to head to the hotel pool for some relaxing reading on the poolside lounges.

At 2:30pm, the ten of us jumped into two cars and headed towards Springbrook National Park to do the Twin Falls bushwalk, but in our stop-in at the local service station & bottle-o for supplies, I wasn’t feeling too well, so I asked if I could be driven the 5-minutes or so back to the apartment to be dropped off to rest.


I went to bed and, about 10 minutes later, everyone else turned up! It turns out it was too late for the bushwalk – but we’d still go up to Natural Bridge that night to see the glow worms.

After a short (30 minute) rest / semi-sleep, I heard outside the bedroom door that Dale & Sarah were going to hire bikes from the resort & go for a ride. I couldn’t resist! We went down to reception and paid the $30 for the hire of 3 bikes and set off for a lovely bike ride on one of the many bike paths along the beachfront here. We went all the way to the end of the bikepath and came back – not sure how long it was… maybe 8km return?


After that, we had showers etc and prepared for our trip to Natural Bridge – the 9 of us in two cars, leaving at about 5:30pm. We made it up there around 7pm and wandered down the bushwalk to Natural Bridge. We were amazed at the number of glow worms – last time Dale & I went to Natural Bridge it was fairly wet, so we only saw glow worms in the actual cave areas… but tonight we saw them everywhere – even all over the sides of the walking tracks! Amazing. The inside of the cave was also cool – so many of them!

We spent a good hour-and-a-bit at Natural Bridge – with Blake & Phil taking the opportunity to take some amazing photos of the night sky and the glow worms with their awesome cameras 😛 I’ll see if I can get their permission to re-post some of the photos on my photo blog =)

After that, we drove into Kingscliff to pick up dinner; having pre-ordered our takeaway on the way down the mountain from Natural Bridge about 30 minutes prior to arriving… we decided to try Katmandu Kitchen – recommended both by my chiropractor and Jake. The food was delish! After dinner, we spent some time chatting and drinking, and I went to bed around 11:30pm (as did Sarah & Jake) – the other 7 people stayed up till about 1:30am or so, playing drinking games. That’s all for today! 🙂


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