Kingscliff Easter Holiday – Day 1

Today Dale & I finalised the packing of our various (and many!) bags of food, clothing, boardgames, airbeds & other bits & pieces before hitting the road at around 10:30am. The M1 was going well until about Exit 66, where traffic slowed to 80km/hr, then 50 and eventually zero as we stopped in gridlock.

I jumped on Twitter to see if there were any accident reports, but nothing as yet. I then jumped onto the QLD Transport website to view the traffic cameras and, as expected, there was a 5-car pile-up at the next on-ramp – about 3km away. So we just turned up the tunes & slowly crawled forward for the next 30 minutes and eventually passed the accident spot. By the time we got there, the accident was all cleared and gone, but a police-car remained; catching impatient drivers who were whizzing past on the road shoulder (which, for those wondering, is NOT a lane :P). He caught about 10 cars in one hit, hahaha! Sux to be them, but serves you right!


We arrived at the Peppers Sale Bale apartments at Kingscliff around lunchtime. We unpacked our bags & things before spending some time relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds. Later that afternoon, we headed to the local IGA for some supplies and made our own tasty snacks for a late-lunch – including some very tasty BBQ chicken baguettes for Dale & I and burrito’s for some of the others. The bread rolls from the IGA were very, very delicious 😀 Must have those again, hehe!

We headed down to the pool & spa for a few hours after that, before returning for games & the making of pizza for dinner. The pizza’s were some of the best we had EVER had… I dunno, maybe it was the dough we made. By this time Sarah had arrived, bringing the total to 10 people (Blake & Phil, Luke, Elliot & Jake, Jake & Ryno, Dale & I, Sarah :P). After dinner we sat outside drinking and chatting before heading to the IGA to buy cheesecakes & ice-cream for dessert.


We had those, then headed to the beach at 9pm for moonrise… Blake got some amazing photos on his camera! I so want one – my photos were okay, but my camera is no-where near as good compared to his 😛 Still, I did grab a few good photos with the tripod, and I’ll post them here upon my return to Brisbane.

We spent almost an hour down at the beach at night looking at the stars & the moon before returning to the apartment for more drinks, chatting, games, guitar-playing (thanks Phil!) and just general chilling-out and relaxing type stuff. At around 11:30pm, we went to bed – some of us in actual beds, others on the couch, floor or an airbed on the laundry floor! 😛

That’s all for “Day 1” 🙂


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