Melbourne Holiday Blog (Day 4)

After a fun three days in Melbourne so far (which you can read about here), today was a bit quieter, given that my BF had flown home yesterday afternoon as he couldn’t get today off due to only recently starting a new job. I ended up falling asleep at around 10pm last night, and managed to sleep in until 7:30am or so, which was quite nice! I definitely needed a sleep-in considering I’d had a lot of late nights last week, and slept really badly on Friday night (got about 4 hours sleep). I was still feeling a bit sad when I woke up (missing the BF immensely), so I decided I should keep myself busy today!

After a quick shower, I headed down to the shopping complex with the shot tower in it (I forget the name – sorry!) to find breakfast. I finally found a Bendigo Bank ATM, as well as a nice little cafe, and had a hot chocolate + a chicken avo & cheese toastie for breakfast. I then topped up my Myki and walked over to William Street to catch Tram 55 to the Melbourne Zoo, which was about 12 stops away. I didn’t touch off – I hope that’s right? A friend told me that you don’t need to touch off on Zone 1 trips and, I think / hope, that the Melbourne Zoo was in zone 1? Anyway… I think I did it right? Haha.

After about 10 minutes, I was at the zoo and paid the ~$26.50 or so to enter. The zoo itself was great. Not as good as Taronga in Sydney, but about a million times better than Alma Park Zoo in Brisbane, which is just a terrible run-down excuse for a zoo. The zoo seemed to have lots of food areas, too – although I didn’t stop at any to eat anything. I did pop into the “Zoo bakery”, but they had no custard tarts, so I popped back out again shortly after.

I spent the next 3 or so hours exploring the zoo – everything from monkeys, to tigers, lions lazing on the lawn, meerkats, wombats, lots of birds, elephants, giraffes and zebras – but my favourite’s were the meerkats and the red panda’s (although I could only see one – so “Red Panda” [singular]) – which was waaay up in a tree. I had no idea red panda’s could climb so high?! When I’d arrived at the zoo, at around 10:30am, it was pretty quiet – just a few school groups, but by 11:30 / 12 there were tonnes of mums with babies in prams. I’d never seen so many prams in my life! Luckily, they were pretty slow at going around, so I overtook a bunch of them and ensured I stayed ahead of the pack most of the time.

The peafowls were cool too – especially when they were calling – so bloody loud!! hehe. The males were pretty – and I also saw a peafowl with its baby… so cute! Think of a peafowl with a tiny version of itself, about the size of a rubber ducky walking beside it. Aww 😀 I took a huge amount of zoo photos, which can be found on my Mobile Pix and a few videos, which are on my Mobile Vidz page.


I caught the same tram back into town (I’m getting good at this!) and stopped in at Grill’d at QV for a late lunch, before returning to the hotel for a bit. I watched an episode of Grand Designs Australia while the “Loom Service” lady came and cleaned my hotel loom 😛 hehe. About an hour later, I wandered down to Fitness First Platinum (also at QV) to use the gym. I don’t know what makes it a Platinum one – it looks the same as all of the others – but it’s free for hotel guests, so I’m not complaining!

After a pretty average, 30-minute session (I wasn’t really feeling it), I wandered back to the hotel for a shower, a bit of ironing (for my work / training functions over the next few days) and then headed out to QV again to try some “Schnitz” – one of the many food places that we don’t yet have in Brisbane. This one, as the name suggests, focusses on schnitzels! I had the “Aussie Aussie Aussie”, which included beetroot, bacon, cheese and an egg (on a bun with a chicken schnitzel), and while it was very filling, it didn’t taste very flavoursome. Maybe I should have tried another flavour – like the American with mustard and pickles, or something. Oh well, maybe next time.


Anyway – that’s all from me today. This post marks the end of my “personal / holiday” time in Melbourne. For the next two days it’s work, work, work; tomorrow I’m training some customers, followed by a meeting in the afternoon and then a dinner function somewhere in the suburbs – then on Wednesday it’s a 50 minute cab-ride south to train another customer, before catching a cab directly to the airport for my afternoon flight home. I really wish my boy could have been here today, too – I think he really wanted to go to the zoo, but with him starting a new job recently, he just couldn’t get the time off on such short notice. But even so, I did really enjoy having him down here and we are both looking forward to coming back – hopefully for longer (like a week!), too.

I think next time I’m down here for a holiday + work combo, do it the other way around… work stuff first, then holiday afterwards – that way you’re ending on a high note and I won’t be all mopey and sad when the boy has to leave to go back to work. I did try and do that for this trip, but I have production rehearsals on next Sunday afternoon, which I can’t change or work around, unfortunately. But next time we’ll be back – and for longer.

So until next time – have a lovely night!

– Panpan 🙂


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