New Zealand (D2)

Last night ended with a lovely roast dinner that Steff had cooked and some of the best baked potatoes I’d ever had – cooked in boiling garlic water then in the oven for a while with rosemary and oil. I played Worms 2 Armageddon on the Xbox360 with Rob for a few games – it was fun! There are some great new weapons and level designs in the game – I think I might buy it on Xbox Live Arcade when I get back to Brissie.

In the morning, I woke around 7am (it’s weird not getting up at 5:30am like normal, haha) and got ready for work. The drive in was quick and I spent most of the day working on more of the software stuff that I’m here to do. We went to Subway for lunch this time… it’s weird how a lot of the stores and shops here are exactly the same as in Brisbane. That said, Subway did have a few things that I *think* we don’t have in Brissie – like grated cheese and a pork rib sub. Which sounds interesting!

Anywhoo, we left at 5pm and headed home – no accidents today, so the drive home was fairly quick. I played on Rob’s Xbox some more – 3D Ultra Golf or something. I’d played the demo on Arcade a few months back and forgot how much fun it was. I might buy it when I get home too 😛 hehe.

It’s about 7pm now… Rob’s cooking a barbie, whoo – and his wife is making a salad. She’s a great cook – always nice food here! I’m sitting on the couch and the NZ version of Neighbours (called “Shortland Street“) is currently on TV. It must be big here in NZ… in last night’s episode of the show, one of the main characters just died suddenly & unexpectedly (in hospital). It was all over the radio today and people were calling in saying how sad and unexpected it was… which is kind-of funny since it’s a TV show, but I guess it’s popular around here, heh.

*** Returns from dinner & a trip to the grocery store ***

Wow it’s cold here tonight… 11 degrees at the moment and they reckon it’ll get down to 7 …and over in Brisbane its 26 degrees C!! Typical, lol. Luckily the fireplace is on – I’m about 2 meters from it! Mmmm toasty warm, heh.

We just went to the grocery store actually, to pick up a few things. I’ll post some photos when I get back to Brissie, but they sell wine in Woolies! Just not spirits. Then again, it’s not too exciting because they also sell alcohol at Woolies in Australia – just not in QLD. Oh well. But some of the brands they have here are weird. In Australia, the brand Watties makes tinned spaghetti and baked beans. Here in NZ, though, they make frozen potato chips & wedges! Ah well, not to worry.

That’s about all to report really… I miss my boy, but I know I certainly won’t miss Brisbane’s hot weather! hehe. Not too much longer till I’m home Want to visit NZ – or perhaps you’ve been? What are you experiences? Let me know via the comments below! 🙂

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