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Flippin' Flattie

It's been forever since I've written an actual "Dear diary"-style blog post, so I thought I'd get off my behind and write one; albeit a short one to start off with. So... how ha[...]

Mark's Birthday Dinner

We recently celebrated Mark's birthday at a lovely place in Chinatown. Here are the photos (thanks to... um... Kerri, I think - for taking them)...   Photo Gallery Click [...]

Mafia Birthday Party

On Saturday night, we went to C Word bagels & coffee bar to celebrate a close friends 30th birthday. The evening had a "Mafia" theme, given we were playing a Mafia-style game i[...]

Mum's birthday dinner

Myself and 6 others celebrated my mums birthday at the Himalayan Cafe this weekend. It would have to be one of my mums favourite restaurants; and it's one of my favourites, too... [...]

Camping at Girraween

The last time I went camping would have been with mum, to Cooloola back in March 2005 ...and I've really, really missed going camping - so at a friend's birthday a few weeks ago, a[...]

Ryno’s birthday

Ryno celebrated his 20-something'th birthday on the weekend, so a bunch of us visited his place for an awesome BBQ and night in front of the outdoor fireplace. I think every piece [...]

Celebrating my BF's birthday

My boy celebrated his birthday yesterday, so 14 of us went to dinner at Giardinetto to celebrate (check out Leisure Reviews for my review)! We had a great feed (they do some fantas[...]


It's that time of the month again! Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live (another parody) A tweet may only be 140 characters, but behind the scenes it's thousands! Cute video: [...]

Murder Mystery Weekend

On Saturday night we went to Jake & Ryno's place to have a murder mystery party - celebrating a close friend's birthday. We had some lovely Chinese food to go along with the[...]

Sausage & Bean Bake

When I was a kid, my parents bought me these "Family Circle Kids Cookbooks". They were teh awesome. As a child, I really enjoyed cooking. In fact, I still love it today... but I wa[...]